TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.1: Complete Zanieness!

Chapter 1.1

I started a new challenge today called “I’m Surrounded by Idiots” or ISBI.  To read the rules look here.  Basically you only control one sim in your family.  That sim is called your torch holder.  My torch holder’s name is Janie Zanie.  Her aspiration is Best Selling Author and her traits are insane, good & creative.  She has purple eyes that I am hoping will pass on through the generations.

I chose Cheap & Cozy Starter by ruthless_kk as her house.  She couldn’t afford it with the furniture so I will furnish it a little at a time.

I started her in the writing career then took her to the library to practice writing and hopefully meet people.

There was nobody interesting there so when she was done with her work tasks I took her to the bar and then the gym to look for guys.

Other than getting into an argument while on the treadmill that trip was fruitless as well.  She went back to her empty house which I filled a little bit at a time as her whims came up.  The next day she was promoted at work.  She spent the rest of the day sleeping.  The day after that she wrote a children’s book then went to the library to read a book for work.  She met a guy named Zion outside of the library.

I thought the name was funny so I had them chat.  They hit it off and had their first kiss right there outside of the library.

She asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes then walked away so she went home to get her needs up.  The next day she got another promotion at work then invited Zion over.  She invited him to move in.  He brought in $20,000 simoleans.  I see nothing in the rules against this so I’m keeping it.  He’s an adult so he’s older than her.  His traits are foodie, lazy and gloomy.  I got him a job in the culinary career, not that he’ll go far.  I had them try for a baby right away, didn’t see the point in waiting.  She got pregnant on the first try.

Sorry about the crappy pic, the bathroom is too small to take a pic with the walls up.  So far Zion is taking care of himself fine.  He’s even cooked a couple group meals which is nice.  Especially that he did it without burning down the house.  I put in sprinklers just in case.  He even cleans up the plates.  It is weird just sitting and watching Zion while Janie is at work.  Zion got a promotion at work, the only one he’ll probly get unless he starts using the bar that I bought on his own and ups his mixology skill.  Waiting for Janie to give birth was driving me crazy so I was really happy when she did.

She gave birth to a boy named Robi.  I had her get pregnant again as soon as Zion got home from work.  I had to make sure that Janie took care of the baby before work because Zion paid no attention to him while she was gone.  Robi aged up.  I gave him the insane trait.

The next day Janie gave birth to a girl named Lanie.

This is Lanie Zanie and this is where we end for today.  I got a little carried away and played for 5 hours straight.  Expect daily updates on the Zanie family.

Chapter 1.2

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