TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.2: Lanie Ages Up

Chapter 1.2

When I first started playing again I almost told Robi what to do.  It’s hard switching from a regular game to one where you only control one sim.  I bought a mixology book and put it in the bookcase on the off chance that Zion might read it.  When baby Lanie wakes up Robi I can’t send him back to bed.  He stays up late into the night talking to his Dad.

Janie doesn’t have time to repair everything so I’ve just been replacing things as they break.  Probly not the best idea money-wise but oh well.  Zion actually took care of baby Lanie while Janie was at work.  I was impressed, I thought I’d have to bring Janie home from work early.

I can see what people in the forums were talking about with sims getting in the way of the bassinets.   When Lanie cries Robi hops in front of it and won’t move.  It’s not like he can do anything.  I was relived when Lanie aged up.

She got her Mom’s purple eyes and her Dad’s brown hair.  She gets the insane trait too.  It’s part of the challenge.  The next day is Saturday so everyone just hangs around while Janie tries to work on writing for her job.  Then one of the kids grabs the computer when she’s off and so I have her practice painting.  I want to get her painting up high enough to make a focused painting for the kids room.

I just thought this was cute all of them sitting on the couch so I took a quick pic.  And that’s your update for today of the Zanie family!

Chapter 1.3

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