TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.3: Just More Craziness

Chapter 1.3

Starting off again I had to remind myself constantly that I can’t control the sims other than Janie.  It’s really difficult.  The other sims stand around a lot looking lost.    The kids have been spending a lot of time talking to their toy teddy bear.

Other than that they watch tv, play on the computer or read books.  I bought a radio so they can dance since they both have Rambunctious Scamp but so far neither has.  For some reason the kids woke up in the middle of the night and never went back to bed.  Janie got a promotion and chose the author branch of her career.  Both the kids ended up taking naps when they got home.

I decided that the house was just too small for 4 sims.  Especially the 1 bathroom.  I ended up getting a new house called “Large Family Starter Home” by xRe33mx.

The new house is taking some getting used to.  The kids have their own rooms but they are really small.  There was an extra table and chairs that I sold to make room for a bookshelf and the big teddy bear.  Janie has her own office upstairs.  It’s a really small room but it’s enough for a desk and easel.

I don’t know why that pic turned out so dark.  Robi came home from school focused and did his homework for the first time.

I hardly ever get hyper speed at night while Janie sleeps because someone always seems to be awake doing something.  It drives me nuts not being able to send them all to bed!  Zion made another group meal, it’s so nice when he does that and Janie doesn’t have to cook.  Just in case I added a sprinkler system to the new house.  I wish that you could lock doors in Sims 4.  I’d love to lock everyone out of Janie’s office so they’d stay off her computer.  Janie got another promotion.  And on a last note Janie got the warning that it’s almost her birthday!  Time flies!

Chapter 1.4

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