TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.4: Robi Becomes a Teen

Chapter 1.4

Janie had 2 days off of work so she spent the time writing books.  Robi took the bait finally and danced to the stereo music for 2 hours.

Now all he needs for his aspiration is to play on the jungle gym while playful.  The next day Zion picks up the mixology book from the bookshelf and starts reading.

I got all excited thinking mabye he could get a promotion at work.  But then he stopped reading and Lanie put the book away.  Fail.  It’s Janie’s birthday to adult so she bakes herself a cake.

Then Janie gets Robi playful by telling him jokes and takes him to the park.  I use my one time controlling him to make him play on the jungle gym and he completes the 1st part of the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.  That’s 5 points for me!

The kids are so cute I’m not looking forward to them getting older.

Lanie dances to the stereo music too but not for the required 2 hours.  But she still has some days before she ages up so there’s still hope.  It would be nice if she could finish the 1st part of her aspiration too.

Janie was promoted again at her job.  She’s now level 8!  Robi ages to a teen.  Janie made him a hamburger cake to celebrate.

I used Pinstar’s trait randomizer.  His new trait is gloomy like his Dad and his aspiration is Renaissance Sim.  Zion’s birthday to elder is next.

Chapter 1.5

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