TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.6: Attempting to Get Things Done

Chapter 1.6

I noticed that Robi and Lanie are kinda on the chunky side.  I wondered if I bought a treadmill if they would use it?  It’s probly from all the birthday cakes.  We had Janie then Robi then Zion and then Lanie all in a row with cakes in the fridge!

Robi comes home and naps on his parents bed.

Then he takes the bait and uses the treadmill!

The next day Lanie naps on her parents bed too.  It’s so weird.

Then she uses the treadmill.  I figured it out that the nap makes them energized.

I finally get Janie to make a focused painting or mathematical diagram as they’re called.

I put it where everybody eats.

It works!  Lanie sits down and starts her homework but she doesn’t finish it.  Oh well.

Creepily Robi naps with his Dad.  What’s wrong with your own beds?!?

Janie gets promoted to bestselling author, level 9 in the author branch.  I’m so excited she’s almost at the top of her career.  Robi and Lanie do their homework together for a few minutes.  They still haven’t finished it.

Zion comes home from work and passes out!  That’s minus 5 points for me!

Robi manages to cook a grilled cheese without burning anything.  Too bad that doesn’t get me bonus points, lol.

So that’s the end of this look into the Zanie family’s lives.  Mostly me prodding them to do things that they wouldn’t usually do.

Chapter 1.7

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