TS4- ISBI Challenge 1.7: Down to 2 Sims

Chapter 1.7

I played longer than usual today because seriously nothing was happening.  I couldn’t just stop and write a post that said “nothing happened.”  So I played for a couple hours longer than I have been.  I actually planned to start a new challenge today but this one took up a lot of my time so I don’t know if I will.  Anyway here is your update on the Zanie family:

Robi finished his homework.  He’s the first to do so, they usually start it and then go do other things.

I noticed some dig sites outside of the house and almost sent one of the sims to go dig them up.  It’s still hard not controlling them.  I decided to take a pic when everyone was sitting together.  It doesn’t happen often.  I’m glad I did because as the title states there are only 2 of them left in the house now.

I want a new house.  This house has tiny rooms that are impossible to take a good pic with the walls up.  I think I’m going to change the house when the new torch-holder takes over.  Lanie used the treadmill twice in one day.  I haven’t noticed that she’s lost any weight though.  I thought only active sims would do that.  Janie spends her time cooking, cleaning and writing books.  The rest of them just wander around aimlessly.  I spend all this time watching them hoping they’ll do something interesting.  Janie maxxed her writing skill.  Now she just has to go back to work again and hopefully will get her last promotion.  I got a warning that it’s almost Zion’s time.  I used the one action on Lanie to have her paint a painting.  I thought if she had some painting skill she might start paintings on her own but she never did.

Sorry about the horrible pic but that room is tiny.  Zion came home from work and immediately dropped dead from old age.

This dude walked by and started doing pushups!

There was no gravestone anywhere and I thought oh I won’t get one since he died on the sidewalk then I find an urn in the entryway.

I stuck the urn in the family inventory for now since I plan to change houses soon.  Nobody mourns poor Zion.  Robi ages up to young adult.  His last trait is childish.

Lanie has 3 days until she ages to young adult.  It’s going to be weird not controlling Janie anymore.  I take a look at the rules to see if there is anything about picking heirs since I want Lanie to be heir and discover that I have to move Robi out!  So much for having a spare in case something happens to Lanie.  I move Robi into a house on his own.  Now it’s just Janie and Lanie left in the house.

After reading this post I realize it’s kinda odd and random…. sorry about that, I think it’s because I was playing so long!

Chapter 2.1

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