TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.2: Searching for a Man

Chapter 2.2

I started the day off sending Lanie to the park and who do I find sleeping on a park bench??  Her brother Robi!

Lanie plays chess while I look around the park for guys.  I saw one in particular in household management that I’m looking for.  While I look around I notice that Lanie has stopped playing chess and has a garbage can qued.  I look to see what she’s doing and it says “talking to friends”.

After almost a whole day at the park I send her to the gym for a shower and to check things out there.  Nothing happening there so it’s off to the nightclub.  Nada.  It’s getting late so I send her home to bed.  The next day it’s back to work and she gets promoted!  Janie continues making paintings and even made a couple masterpieces.  It’s a good thing because the bills went way up with the new house!  I think I should have found Lanie a man before getting her a job.  She works so much it’s hard to find time to look for a guy.  The next day I send her to the park before work but no luck there.  She gets another promotion though.  Janie gets level 10 cooking that’s 10 points.  In the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping I notice that guy Noah at the park next door.  I woke up Lanie and send her over to introduce herself.

She gets their friendship up and asks him to move in.  Romance can wait.  So here he is Noah Ernst:

He’s mean, clumsy and active.  He wants to be a party animal and is a young adult.  He brought in $20,000 simoleans.  I got him a job in the tech guru career too.  After moving him in I have my doubts that I made the right choice but seriously there weren’t many men that weren’t elders!  Hopefully my next post will be more exciting with romance and babies on the way.

Chapter 2.3

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