TS4 Random Legacy- Meet the Fluky Family

For more information on how a random legacy works visit here.

Here’s my rolls for this generation:
Marital Status: Couple
Children: 3 kids (1st is heir)
Heir:  Secret Agent(Diamond Agent) – No additional money-making opportunities.
Spouse: Cybercriminal – Create viruses and hack for money.
Goal: Collector – Your heir, spouse, helpers and children must complete and display one of the collections.
Fun: Homemade – May not get quick meals from the fridge or order pizza, and may only cook meals with ingredients if all ingredients are present.

Meet Kaden and Lila Fluky.
In this version of a legacy you can start out with your starting sims and buy them a house.  I got the smallest and cheapest house I could find.  That way they would have plenty of simoleans left for a computer.  I hadn’t expected the house to have the worst of all appliances and bedding and ended up having to replace them all with at least a little bit better.
Lila Gets a jump start on practicing programing.  She’ll be hacking in no time.
Kaden got promoted his first day on the job.  The requirements for Secret Agent have changed since I played it in my original legacy.
Lila harvests from the area so she can cook more recipes.
The startings of a postcard collection.
I got them a bigger house from the gallery after a sim week but didn’t have enough simoleans to furnish it yet.  A family will have to wait.
3br Craftsman Starter by ruthless_kk
Lila makes a heck of a lot more simoleans hacking and making viruses than Kaden makes and within days the house is furnished.  They try for baby and Lila is pregnant.
Lila reached level 10 in programming.
Lila 3rd trimester with baby #1.
Lila after giving birth to baby Zach.
Zach is 1st born thus heir for this generation.  But Lila has to have 2 more babies.
Lila is pregnant again the same day she had Zach.
Zach ages up invisible.  I haven’t had this problem in a long time.
Luckily I know that if the invisible sim travels they show up.  Here’s Zach.
Zach working on his artistic prodigy aspiration.
The postcard collecting has hit a snag, there seems to be some bug that isn’t letting Lila get new pen pals.  I start having Kaden try.
Lila has a boy Curtis.  The next day she is pregnant again.
Curtis ages to child.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that hat.
Lila gives birth to the 3rd and last child, a boy David.
So far the random legacy has been fun and I’ve enjoyed playing Lila especially.  She makes much more simoleans hacking than I thought and they have a fair bit saved up.  I don’t think they’ll move again anytime soon though, this house works fine.

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