TS4 Random Legacy- Birthdays All Around

This is going to be a short post because not much of interest happened other than birthdays.

1st Kaden ages to adult.

Zach completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

David ages up to child.
Curtis, David and Zach watching tv.
Lila aged to adult.
The postcards collection is complete!
Zach ages to teen.
Curtis ages to teen.
David ages to teen.
I rolled for generation 2 already, here are the results:
Gen 2
Marital Status: 18: Second Chance – Your heir must obtain two live-in partners during the course of the generation. At least one child must be born or adopted with the first partner.
Children: 2 (2nd heir)
Heir: 1: Freelance Painter – Paint whatever you want whenever you want and sell it to collectors.
Partner 1: 2: Freelance Author – Write and publish whatever you want whenever you want.
Partner 2: 4: Gardener – Plant, harvest and sell produce and flowers of all kinds.
Goal: 2: Fulfilled – The heir and spouse(if applicable) must complete their first aspiration. If the spouse is accidentally too old when they move in to have time to complete an aspiration, they are not required to do so, but try to be reasonable with this provision.
Fun: 9: Half-Siblings – Sims born this generation must each be with a different partner.
I like the 1st wife’s “job” but not the 2nd wife’s.  I just did a challenge with a garden and don’t feel like doing it again.  It doesn’t say when he has to change wives but the child from the 2nd wife is heir so I can’t wait too long.  I was thinking mabye when he becomes an adult.  I gave Zach the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration since he will be painting as his “job”.  It should be an interesting generation.

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