TS4 Random Legacy- Switching Things Up

In my last post the 3 boys had all just become teenagers.  Zach is the heir and will be staying in the house.  I checked the “not in world” households and there are no teenage girls.  So there’s no point in Zach looking for a girlfriend until he ages up.

Kaden reaches the top level of the Secret Diamond Agent career.  Now when he works it’s all day and he comes home with all of his needs red.

Kaden ages to elder.
Zach ages to young adult.  Let generation 2 begin!  Zach goes looking for a girlfriend right away.
Zach meets Eliana Adair.
Zach had met a couple other girls but they didn’t have very good traits.  One had hates children.  So Eliana moves in.
Zach and Eliana’s first kiss.
Eliana ages to adult the day she moves in.
Eliana starts writing books right away.  A second computer is added for her.
Lila ages to elder.
Eliana is a loner and is always tense with stranger danger.  It doesn’t help with her mood for writing.
6 sims with 1 bathroom is insane.  Especially first thing in the morning.
Curtis ages to young adult and moves out.
Zach completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.  I’m not going to worry about his girlfriends completing theirs since there will be 2 of them according to the roll for 2nd generation.
Eliana is pregnant.  I was planning to wait but she’s driving me crazy.
The family moves to a new house “Aspire Family Home” by ruthless_kk
After they moved I realized I forgot the postcard collection.  😦
David aged up and with a child on the way I didn’t see a need for a spare so he moved out with his brother.  They both visit the house often.
Eliana in her 3rd trimester.
Eliana gave birth to a baby boy Dane.
Dane ages to child.
Zach breaks up with Eliana and she moves out.
Zach goes on vacation to find girlfriend #2.
Zach meets Sadie Casey.
The ask to move in option never comes up so I used manage households to move Sadie in.  It ends the vacation.  When they get to the house I look and damned if Sadie isn’t 3 days from aging to elder.  I have rotten luck!
Zach and Sadie’s 1st kiss.
It takes 3 tries for Sadie to get pregnant.
According to the roll the 2nd girlfriend will be a gardener so Sadie gets started right away.
This is definitely a different way to play.  I’m really enjoying it.  I already rolled for generation 3 and it’s a doozy!

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