TS4 Random Legacy- 3 Deaths and a Birth

Lila was just cooking and dropped to the floor and died of old age…
Kaden pays no attention to his wife dying or Grim.  Nobody mourns.
Sadie goes around the neighborhood and harvests all the wild plants to add to her garden.
Sadie in her third trimester.
Sadie gives birth to a girl Kristy.  Kristy is the heir to the 3rd generation.  I already rolled the 3rd generation.
The day after Kristy was born Sadie aged to elder.
Kaden came home from work and fed Kristy then passed out.
Kristy ages to child.
Kristy works on her aspiration while Dad paints.
Kaden passes of old age.  He outlived his wife by almost 2 sim weeks.
Zach aged to adult.
Kristy completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  This should help her with her guitar skill.
Sadie and Kristy playing dolls.
Dane ages to teen.
Sadie passes of old age.  She didn’t have a very long elderhood.
I sold all of the garden as nobody is allowed to sell produce now that Sadie is gone.
Kristy ages to teen.
Kristy starts learning the guitar.
Even though it’s not the 3rd generation yet I thought I’d post the rolls for it:
Gen 3
Marital Status: 1-5: Single – Your heir may not have a live-in partner after the first child is born. Any extra sims must be moved out of the house by 24 hours after the first child is born. A male heir may move in a female partner for the course of any pregnancies, but the 24 hour rule applies and she may not contribute financially.
Children: 5 (4th is heir)
Job: 3: Freelance Musician – Play a musical instrument of your choice in public to earn money from tips. You may also sell jingles and license songs you’ve written.
Goal: 10: Idle Careers – May not make an effort to advance in your heir’s, helper’s and spouse’s careers, including school. If the career goals happen to line up with aspirational goals, that’s a happy coincidence, because you may advance in aspiration freely. Autonomous actions are also acceptable. If you’ve rolled an unconventional career that has no tasks that sims will perform autonomously, you may only perform tasks for it if your sim has a whim to do it or if they do them autonomously.
Fun: 12: Health Nut – This generation, sims may only eat healthy food. Healthy food includes: orange juice(quick meal), yogurt(quick meal), garden salad(cooking 1), (more?). In addition, the heir, spouse, helpers, and their children must each spend at least 3 hours each week performing physical activity, such as jogging, push-ups, or playing on the monkeybars.

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