TS4 Random Legacy- Generation 3 Begins

Dane aged to young adult and moved out.  I guess this challenge doesn’t really have spares since you have to move out the non-heirs as soon as they age young adult.

Kristy gets a jump start on the health nut part of her generation by running on the treadmill.
Reminder: Health Nut – This generation, sims may only eat healthy food. Healthy food includes: orange juice(quick meal), yogurt(quick meal), garden salad(cooking 1), (more?). In addition, the heir, spouse, helpers, and their children must each spend at least 3 hours each week performing physical activity, such as jogging, push-ups, or playing on the monkeybars.
Zach aged to elder.
Kristy aged to young adult starting the 3rd generation.
Kristy playing for tips and keeping on the lookout for guys.
Reminder: Idle Careers – May not make an effort to advance in your heir’s, helper’s and spouse’s careers, including school. If the career goals happen to line up with aspirational goals, that’s a happy coincidence, because you may advance in aspiration freely. Autonomous actions are also acceptable. If you’ve rolled an unconventional career that has no tasks that sims will perform autonomously, you may only perform tasks for it if your sim has a whim to do it or if they do them autonomously.
Kristy had a whim to play for tips, this is the only way I can make simoleans this generation.  Luckily Zach made a lot of simoleans with his painting in the last generation.
Kristy meets Bryon Foley at the park.
Bryon comes to visit and they have their first kiss.
Bryon and Kristy try for baby and she’s pregnant.  I figured I might as well start having babies right away since there’s no real career to concentrate on.
Kristy in her 3rd trimester.
Kristy gives birth to a girl Kelley.
As per the rules for this roll now that Kristy has had a baby her Dad has to move out.  He was halfway through elder anyway.
Kristy invited Bryon over and is pregnant again.
Every time Kristy makes garden salad she gets a bad moodlet so she makes grilled fruit instead.
Kelley ages to child
Kristy gives birth to a boy Martin.
Kristy invites Bryon over again and is pregnant with baby #3.
Kelley plays on the monkey bars and swims laps in the pool for health nut day.
I’m loving random legacy!  Each generation’s rules are so different that it makes it so much more interesting than a regular legacy.  I already rolled for generation 4 and I can’t wait.

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