TS4 Random Legacy- All 5 Children Are Born

This generation sure is different than the last 2 generations.  Mostly because of the idle careers.  Kristy can only play for tips or submit a song if she gets a whim to do so.  This makes it pretty boring.  Pretty much it’s just waiting for the kids to age up.

Martin ages up to child.
Martin, Kelley and Kristy chatting before school.
Kristy had the whim to play for tips in her 3rd trimester.
Kristy gives birth to a boy Vance.  Vance will be one of the helpers staying in the house next generation.
Kristy invitesBryon over andis pregnant with baby #4, the heir.
Vance ages up to child.
Kristy gives birth to a boy Jace.  Jace is heir for the 4th generation.
The next day Kristy invites Bryon over and is pregnant for the last time.  I had my fingers crossed that there wouldn’t be twins!
 The kids exercising on health nut day.
Jace ages up to child.
According to the roll for the 4th generation Jace is a treasure hunter.  He is allowed to dig.
Bryon keeps hanging around the house so I thought it would be easier if Kristy broke up with him.  He kept coming around at first then stopped.
Kristy gives birth to a girl Sophie.  Sophie will be the 2nd helper in the next generation.
Kelley aged to teen.
Sophie aged up to child.
Kristy mentors Kelley on the guitar.
Martin ages to teen.

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