TS4 Random Legacy- Generation Four Begins

Jace ages up to young adult, thus beginning generation 4.  Kristy moves out since Jace can only have 2 helpers.

This generation rolled a renovation.  Since I’m not good at building I decided to get them a new house.  This is Modern Bounty by SimmerDeb.
After less than a day in the other house I realized that it wasn’t going to work for a family of 7.  This is Armoniosa by romagil.  I added a pool to the back and a pirate ship to the front and 2 more beds to the kids rooms.  The bills are 3 times as much as the old house they had with their Mom.
Jace invites Jocelyn over to the new house.  They try for baby.  I decide not to move her in yet.
Jace completes the My Sims statue collection.
Sophie ages up to young adult.  She joins the astronaut career and starts at level 3.
Jocelyn comes to visit and has a huge belly!
This time when Jocelyn shows up Jace is home and he asks her to move in.  According to the rules once she has the baby she has to move out.
Jace completes the Curator aspiration.
Jocelyn gives birth to a boy, Andy.  Jace breaks up with her and she is moved out.
Jace taking care of baby Andy.
Andy ages up to a child.
The first family meal.
It is strange having 3 adults in the house.  I am enjoying Vance and Sophie’s careers.  Jace just digs stuff up and breeds frogs.  I was bored which is why I had him try for baby.  The rest of the kids this generation will be adopted I think.  I rolled mixed single which means a mix of regular and adopted kids.  Andy won’t be heir.  Child #3 is heir.  I’m trying to decide if I want to adopt babies or children.  I looked all though the rules and couldn’t find anything saying I couldn’t adopt children but they come with a trait already picked out and I don’t know if I want that.

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