TS4 Random Legacy- And So Generation 4 Ends

I played a lot longer than usual yesterday which is why I’m already at the end of generation 4.  This update will be long.

All of the little kids doing homework together.
Sophie aged up to adult.
Andy set fire to the grill.
Eva aged up to teen.
Sophie’s job finally requires exploring space.
Tonya completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
Eva gets a head start on her future career by writing books.
The Sunday gourmet family meal is not only a pain in the butt but they won’t sit at the table and eat together.  Some stand and eat, some eat on the couch…. it drives me nuts!
This was so cute I had to get a picture.  All the kids lined up to get something to eat in the morning.
I just love Vance’s work uniform.
Tanya ages to teen.
Sophie crashed the rocket.
Luca ages to teen.
Vance was promoted to the top of the criminal career.
Andy aged up to young adult and moved out.
Vance aged to elder.  I should have made him change his clothes, it’s hard to tell.
Jace completed the crystals collection.  This is the 3rd collection he has finished.
Eva aged up to young adult, she joined the writer career and started at level 3.
Sophie maxxed the fitness skill.
Jace aged to elder.
Sophie was promoted to the top of the astronaut career.
Sophie trying out her new rocket.
Tonya aged to young adult thus ending generation 4.
Gen 5’s rolls:
Marital Status: 23: Single w/ 2 Help – The same as single with help, except there’s two helpers. The helpers may be romantically involved with each other.
Children: 2 (1st is heir)
Job heir: 5: Painter(Master of the Real) – May sell crafted paintings and call agent to collect money.
Job helper 1: 3: Writer(Author) – May publish all book genres(self-publishing, ).
Job helper 2: 9: Career Hopper – Must roll for five conventional careers. You may jump between these careers as you wish, so long as you have spent a day at work in at least three by the time your sim becomes a full adult, and all five by the time your sim becomes an elder.
1. 11: Astronomer(Space Ranger) – No additional money-making opportunities.
2. 1: Entertainer(Musician) – May busk for tips, sell jingles, and license songs.
3. 8: Secret Agent(Villain) – No additional money-making opportunities.
4. 16: Tech Guru(Start-up Entrepeneur) – No additional money-making opportunities.
5. 13: Culinary(Chef) – May publish cookbooks(self-publishing).
Goal: 8: Change of Scenery – It’s moving time! At some point after the heir comes of age, you must either move to a new lot, or completely demolish the entire house and start over from scratch on your current lot.
Fun: 1: Random – Determine childhood aspiration and traits randomly for all sims of this generation(the heir and their siblings). Adult aspirations should be chosen randomly from the list of aspirations, discarding any which are incompatible with other parameters, as stated earlier in the rules. Helpers and Spouses moved in should have their adult aspiration randomized similarly, if you choose to change it.

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