TS4 Random Legacy- Generation 5 Rolling Along

This generation’s goal is to move neighborhoods so I saved the house to my library, bulldozed the lot that they were moving to called Yuma Heights and put the house down.

Before moving I moved Jace, Vance and Sophie out.

I had them move to the old house first so they could get the postcards collection and plaque from the first generation.  Then they move into their new/old house.

The postcard collection and all the plaques the family has gotten.

Tonya gets a job in the painter career.

Luca ages up to young adult.  His roll for a job is career hopper.  His 1st career is astronaut.  He’ll spend 5 days at each career and then stay at the last one.

Eva maxxed her writing skill.

Tonya finally gets a day off and goes looking for a guy.  After trying several places with no luck I decide to check manage households.  Just my luck, all the guys are elders and there’s tons of girls!

I found a guy in the gallery under legacyloves but I forgot to write down who made him.  Now to see if Tanya can find him.  (in the rules they must meet natually, can’t just go to his house)

This old guy in a clown suit kept showing up wherever she went.
Then this guy showed up!
Finally half the sim day later I find him.  His name is Danilo LegacyLoves.
They had their first kiss then said goodbye.  It was too late to invite him over anyway.
Luca quits the astronaut career and starts in the entertainment career.
Eva completed the Bestselling Author aspiration.
Danillo was walking by the house so Tanya invited him in to try for baby.  I had been waiting for her to have a day off but she kept getting promoted and her days off kept changing.
I was looking through the challenge rules and saw that you can’t use the pregnancy test.  Oppsie.  I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant because she threw up when she woke up the next morning.
Tonya is “eating for two”.  She doesn’t look thrilled.
Tonya maxxed the painting skill.
Luca quit his job in the entertainment career and started as a secret agent.
Tonya in her 3rd trimester.
Tonya gives birth to a boy, Devin.  Devin is the heir.
Tonya invites Danillo back over to try for baby.
Eva aged up to adult.
Tonya is “eating for two” again and again she doesn’t look thrilled.
Devin aged up to child.
This generation the traits and aspirations have to be random.  I used Pinstar’s generator.  Devin got Rambunctious Scamp and music lover.  I’m very dissappointed in this roll.
Luca quit his secret agent job and started as a tech guru.
Tonya gave birth to another boy, Eric.
Eric ages up to child and yay he’s blond!
Eric rolled Social Butterfly and insane.  (rolls eyes)
Eric and Devin playing dolls.
I downloaded “Felica and Kids” by Vattenliljan from the gallery so the boys can have some friends.
The boys meeting all of the kids.
Tonya aged to adult.

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