TS4 Random Legacy- It Fizzles Out

I’m taking a break from this challenge.  I hit a point today that I just couldn’t play anymore.  Here’s the update on what happened before this…

Luca aged to adult.

Luca quit his tech guru career and joined the culinary career.

Tonya completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

On Saturday the boys spend the day with Felicia and the kids.  The next day they invite some of the kids over to play.

Eric completed the Social Butterfly aspiration.  (my first time since the game came out)

Devin and Eric chatting with Carenina and Melinda.  The rest of the kids were elsewhere.
Devin aged to teen.  He rolled creative which is good and Master Mixologist which is what his brother should have gotten!  These random traits/aspirations this generation suck.
Both Eva and Tonya got the max levels of their careers on the same day.

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