TS4 Random Legacy- We’re Back To Finish Off Gen 5

I was surprised to see all but the founders still on the family tree.  With the fact the game has decimated my family tree’s in the neighborhood rotation I was expecting much worse.
I go back to the Fluky family after a little over a month away and even with reading my posts to reacquaint myself I’m lost.  Since Get To Work came out I re-rolled the careers for the next generation.  Surprisingly Devin (the heir) got photography.  Eric got comedian.
It’s finally Eric’s birthday. 
(After 2 days of just sitting watching them something happens!)
He rolled bookworm (ugh) and Friend of the world (yay).  He doesn’t look happy with his outfit.
He’s a lot happier now.
The next day Eric went to the park to meet people for his aspiration.
Meanwhile Devin talks to the kids.  He might as well get used to it, he’s having 4 of them!
Eva has her birthday.
She seems pretty happy to be an elder.
Luca got cooking level 10.  He prefers the grill.
Devin brings Carenina Cho home from school.  She needs a makeover quick!  Things didn’t go well and I had her leave.  I realized later she is the little girl with red pigtails aged to teen.
Eva searches for decorated eggs.
It takes her 4 days to complete the collection and get the bunny.  She completes the metals collection while she’s at it!
Devin has been taking pictures of everything (mostly the floor) and has maxxed photography.
It’s Tonya’s birthday.
Not a graceful elder.
And finally a couple of hours later it’s Devin’s birthday!  His last trait is art lover (meh).  So his aspiration is Master Mixologist and his traits are creative, music lover, art lover.  Thus begins generation 6.
Gen 6
Marital Status: 20: Mixed Single w/ Help
Children: 4 (4th is heir)
heir: 15: (GTW) Freelance Photographer – Take and sell photographs.
spare: 2: Entertainer(Comedian) – May perform comedy routines, publish comedy books(self-publishing), and perform comedy in space.
Goal: 1: Perfect Careers – The heir, spouse, and helpers must reach level 10 in their careers.
Fun: 2: Partier – Throw at least one party(of any type and rating) every week.

4 thoughts on “TS4 Random Legacy- We’re Back To Finish Off Gen 5

  1. I have one on Family Echo for my regular legacy family. Unfortunately there's no way to screenshot it and post it on the blog. It's just too big and when I shrink it to see the whole thing the names are too small to see. 😦


  2. I ran into the same problem, it won't fit on a screenshot! So I put screenshots of segments on the blog and a link to it from the blog. Anyway, glad your in-game one is still good!


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