TS4 Random Legacy- Ya Don’t Get Much More Random Than That!

Devin started his rein as heir with a drink.
He visits the new shopping district and sees a photo shop for sale.
He buys the store.
His first customer is his uncle Luca.
  • Eric gets an A in school
 After a couple of days of doing nothing but run the photoshop Devin adopts Ariana.  Her trait is perfectionist.
Then he decides that Ariana needs a playmate and adopts Reyna.  Her trait is lazy.  Reyna ends up being sad about her sibling and Ariana is happy.
  • I placed an alien woman from the gallery in the town for Devin.  I thought it might be fun.  Now he’s just gotta find her!
 I didn’t like the house and found this one on the gallery.  I will use it for this generation but I’ve already found that I don’t like it much either.  I won’t say who made it since I’m being critical.  Most of the walls aren’t painted and there were only 2 bathrooms.  I added a basement with a play area and 2 bathrooms and split the upstairs bathroom into 2.
It has an indoor pool.  When they moved in they all went for a swim.  I found the house by searching for #party since they have to throw a party every week.
Eric is finally aging up.  His final trait rolled is self-assured.  Now no more rolling!  He joins the entertainment career at level 3.
Devin takes the girls to the park on Saturday (looking for the alien woman) and instead of playing they all stand there talking it’s so funny.
It’s weekly party time and just look what Devin’s Dad wears!  I’m doing the weekly parties on Sundays to keep track of them.  Nobody ordered a drink from Devin and nothing exciting happened but they got a silver anyway so yay.
After literally DAYS of doing nothing but searching for this woman she walks by the house!  Devin ran out to meet her, discovered she was an alien and thought it was cool.  She’s embarassed anyway.  They get to be friends and he asks her to move in.
When she moved in I had Zyjam put on her disguise because she kept getting embarrassed when someone discovered she was an alien.  I kinda tweaked her look a bit.
It doesn’t take much flirting to get to the first kiss.
Then try for baby.
When she tells him she’s pregnant he doesn’t look happy at all.  
(Yes, I forgot the rule and used a pregnancy test.)
Unbelieveable!  I move an alien in and Devin gets abducted!  He came back with a dazed moodlet: zapped and jolted.
 Yesss looks like he’s pregnant too!  Poor guy.
  • Devin rolled a whim to get engaged to Zyjam and she rolled one to be married to Devin.  Sorry guys but this generation is single!
 Zyjam 3rd trimester in disguise.
And without the disguise.
Devin, on the other hand, is uncomfortable from “weird weight gain.”
Zyjam has a girl Mindy.  Devin has to wait a day because of the pregnancy test.
Devin trying to cuddle Mindy with his huge belly.
It’s Arianna’s birthday already!
(I’ve gotten used to playing on long)
I think she’s a little tired.  Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire and her trait is art lover.
Devin’s baby (and the heir) is a boy, Quinn Fluky.
Here they are guys, the heir and spare for generation 7!

2 thoughts on “TS4 Random Legacy- Ya Don’t Get Much More Random Than That!

  1. Well, it is too bad that house wasn't really great on the inside, and not really what you were looking for. I love the photography studio; it is the one that was featured in one of the EA promos, right? It's too bad they want to wed but aren't allowed; the babies are going to be so cute as kids, I bet!


  2. Yea one of these days I just need to learn to build because I can never seem to find the house I'm picturing in my head, lol. Yes, the photo studio is the EA one, I got it off the gallery. I can't wait to see what the babies look like in and out of their disguises.


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