TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Animal Care

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter One: Animal Care

All credit to this challenge idea goes to Xoxk9 on this forum post.  They weren’t too specific so what I plan to do is have my sim (Lyric) start out in Sims 1, top her career and do a bunch of stuff that’s only available in that version of the game then move on with her fiance (Xander) to Sims 2.  Have kids and do some Sims 2 only stuff then move the family to Sims 3 then 4.  It’s not really as much “in another life” as switching say cities or something but you get the gist.

Okay so I wanted Lyric to be a red-head and downloaded several heads after a struggle to get it to let me download at all and then the heads all turned out with white faces so after all that I gave up.  I figure for Sims 2 she’ll stop dying her hair or something.  The clothes I also downloaded and they didn’t show up so this is what she’s stuck with.  I thought it showed her age, which is just leaving her parents house.
I moved her into a pre-made house at 6 Sim Lane.  At first I was going to have her get an agent until I realized she couldn’t get a job and pursue stardom.
I plan to have her learn how to do the magic stuff.  To me it is seriously confusing so I’m hoping there’s a guide out there.
I added a little bit of furniture to her house so that she would be more comfortable and have her studying cooking so when I get a stove she doesn’t burn the place down.
It took a couple of days but the Animal Care career showed up on the computer.  This career is only in Sims 1.
It only takes her a couple of days to get promoted to level 2 Pet Groomer.
She turns to the stray animals that roam her lot for social.  It’s getting pretty tiring.
I had planned to wait a bit to make her groom-to-be but she needs to meet someone!
She takes the trolley to Old Town.
I love the food vendors in Sims 1.  They’re cheap and easily accessible.  Dining out is less easy.
Luck of all lucks Xander shows up to the lot!  They meet and then say goodbye so Lyric can sleep.
He comes over the next day and they become friends.
When Lyric needs another friend for a job promotion she decides to take the air balloon to check out magic town.
(The poor room is due to all the plants outside dying.)
The lot in Magic Town is really cool.  She meets Selena something there and eventually after many phone conversations they become friends.  It’s hard because the friendships drop so fast and the stupid woman has a job that she seems to work at all different hours of the day!
Lyric gets her 2nd promotion to level 3 Sheep Custodian on day 17.
She gets her 3rd promotion to level 4 Aquarium Technician on day 24.
She gets her 4th promotion to Zoo Keeper on day 29.
She gets her 5th promotion to Dolphin Trainer on day 42.  She now needs 4 friends so the promotions have stopped due to her having a terrible time making friends.  She has gone to Old Town on several occasions only to end up negative relationship by the time the conversation is over!
I ended up putting the “Roomies” Chris and Melissa down into a house and hoping that Lyric will meet them.  One day Chris walks over to the house and they strike up a conversation.  As you can see Selena isn’t a friend anymore because every time that Lyric calls her she’s at work!  I looked up the career online and she’ll need 8 friends to top the career.  I haven’t a clue how she’ll do it!

Chapter 2: Animal Magician!

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