TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Animal Magician!

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 2: Animal Magician!

So I did some research and discovered that buying red roses can help make a relationship romantic and that giving diamond rings as gifts gives a +20 friendship boost.  So Lyric skips work to buy some stuff downtown.
All that gift-buying has made her hungry.  I hate using the diner.  It’s soooo slow even though you order when you’re seated.  If you look at the top left Xander is having dinner with some lady.
Lyric catches Xander after dinner and gives him the red roses.  My source was correct, they got pink hearts in their relationship panel now.
Lyric invites Selena Strange over and gives her a diamond ring.  She works all darned day so it’s terrible trying to keep their relationship up.
I think this is her 6th promotion.  It took 63 days!
Lyric’s new friend is Mama Hick.  She doesn’t seem to like talking on the phone so she invites her over for dinner several times a week.  It’s annoying.
So much for getting some logic and fun by playing chess.  When clicking on the mirror to practice speech it says “I’m too depressed to look at myself.”
Okay so the crank calls are annoying but the calls giving simoleans away are awesome!
Dang it seems I didn’t write down how long it took to get to this promotion.  I think it wasn’t much after the last one.
Lyric gets a new house located at 10 Sim Lane.  I hired a maid and a gardener to keep the place up while Lyric concentrates on work.
I really like this house compared to the old one.
Lyric makes friends with Melissa Roomie, yet another sim that hates phone calls.
Ugh the count is from when you’ve started living in a house, not when you started playing that sim!  So this is 7 days after moving to the new house.
A burglar shows up and steals her computer!
Luckily I had a burglar alarm.  I don’t get the cost of a new computer and the bills go up because I had to buy a new one which sucks.
I decide to throw a party after work because Lyric needs social terribly.  I didn’t realize that you don’t pick the guests!  I had dropped 3 new sims that I named Betty, Debbie and Lola Friendly into a house and met 2 of them already in Old Town.  I wanted to invite them to make friends.  I got the hot tub and bubble blower and made food which everyone ate and the ones that didn’t get any got really pissed!
This is hilarious!  Apparently my party was so boring a mime showed up to entertain the guests.  There’s just one problem…
…he decides that the bathroom is the place to entertain.  Ironically the sims seem to pay him no mind and go about their business in there while he mimes away!
This is several days later.  Lyric has secured the 8 friends and decides to re-build her relationship with Xander.  She was able to give him a few kisses and hugs before he left.
Animal Magician baby!  Lyric tops her career after 24 days in the new house.  So it took around 90 days altogether to top the career.  Look at those horrible hours!  6pm-12am!  Ugh.

Chapter 3: Hawt Date

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