TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Hawt Date

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 3: Hawt Date

All credit to the stuff I learned for this part (and most likely the next few) go to this tutorial.

I wanted to get a pic of Lyric’s “Animal Magician” outfit before she gets fired.  I wasn’t too impressed with the different outfits for this career.  I think they changed like 3 times.  I would have had her keep the job and work like every other day but the hours suck and she has bigger and better things to do!
Like lovin’ up her sweetie, cuddling on the couch.
The next day they had a date.  It’s great because you can ask the sim how they are and know what need needs met.  Xander needed fun, so they’re playing pool.
 Next they eat out at the diner.  I must have had the mouse hovering over Xander, lol.
Lyric gets home and gets fired.  Oh well, did want to be an animal magician anyway!
Ugh can’t a girl get some sleep around here?  The burglar comes back to steal the tv I bought for watching with Xander.  He gets caught and she gets enough money to replace the stupid tv.
Lyric invites Xander over again.  This time he brings flowers.  So sweet.
Now, I had planned on them just living together in Sims 1.  But apparently you can’t ask someone of the opposite sex to move in.  They have to get married!  So when the option came up I got excited and clicked it.  Xander said no!
The next day: He said yes!
They change into their formal-wear (which I picked out while they were on a date) for a mili-second, kiss and it’s over.  Boo!  Hiss!
The next day they throw a party.  I started the dancers too early so nobody but Xander and Lyric saw them dance but they stayed for most of the party.
I put out the buffet table and had it catered.  I built a little bathroom area for the guests.  Now, there’s 4 toilets in there and one in the house… 5 sims peed themselves by the end of the night.  The game they’re playing is like charades called Bezique’s Folly.  It’s really cool, except once they started playing it they wouldn’t stop until one of their needs was desperate.  Sheesh.  By the time Lyric and Xander went to bed there were still 4 guests wandering the lot.  I like the timers in later games and also that you can invite the guests in later games.  I didn’t get any party crashers so I guess I didn’t do a good enough job on the party.  Oh well.
Chapter 4: Honeymoon Time!

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