TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Honeymoon Time!

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 4: Honeymoon Time!

The party is over and it’s time to honeymoon on Vacation Island!
First stop is Bear Essentials.  This is the only lodge that I wrote down the name for so you’ll have to forgive me!  They get right down to business “playing” in the hot tub.
(There should be some hearts or something sheesh.)
After a night in the cabin and a buffet meal they play archery.
Then they go fishing.  Dunno where the fish go, lol.
Xander orders a romantic picnic meal to eat outside of their cabin.
I thought mabye the campfire would give comfort but it didn’t.  They were joined by some random kid.
The next day they make their way to the beach.  At first I thought these were the ticket games but they’re just regular arcade games.
Here’s the ticket games!  Unfortunately I must have messed up when I went to have them redeem their tickets because they didn’t bring home prizes to put on the shelf.  Oh well, they’ll have them for the next trip.
 They use metal detectors on the beach and find quite a bit of simoleans and an old boot, which sits proudly on the shelf in the house now.
They find a beach lot with tents to “play” in.  Once again, disappointed, no hearts or anything, just a moving plumbob.
They spent their last day in the winter lodge where I was able to buy Xander new outerwear after this shot.  I thought there were interactions for the bear rug but I must have been wrong.
One last snowball fight and then it’s off to home and a new adventure!

Chapter 5: Doggie

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