TS1- In Another Life: Time to Move On

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 7: Time to Move On

To keep them busy Xander has been making gnomes and Lyric has been canning jam.
This was really cool.  Ginny was playing with this toybox thing and fairies flew out and left fairy dust.
Okay a little backstory is required for this pic.  I was trying to get the tragic clown to visit so I made Lyric miserable.  This lasted for days then she went into the workshop and kicked one of Xander’s gnomes (there were a lot by then) and all of them exploded!  I sold the stupid clown painting but I swear I kept hearing this creepy laugh and crying even after I sold it.  I think it was bugged.
Ummm yea.  Prank phone calls.
Or odd ones.  You notice it’s Ginny that answered the phone right?  Of course I said no freaking way!
A couple more things that I gave up on.  Supposedly if you have 6 jack-o-lanterns outside Grim will show up at the lot.  Days went by, he never did.  Every night Xander looked through the telescope but was never abducted by aliens.
Santa did come though!
He left 4 presents and a chess table.  The presents were empty.
Lastly, after training Munchkin a couple of tricks Lyric took her to the kennel club show.
Apparently my dog sucks.
Okay so my last thoughts on Sims 1…  Near the end I couldn’t stand the family.  All Lyric wanted to do was nag and all Xander wanted to do was tease.  One time, near the end, Xander tried to kiss Lyric and she freaked the hell out and they got hearts with x’s through them.  Ginny was pretty boring and she kept eating snacks from the fridge instead of the food her mom cooked.  The dog needed constant social and baths.  Taking care of the four sims became more like a chore than fun.  I had planned on taking them back on vacation but decided to end it here.  Lyric and Xander want to have another baby and want to move to a bigger house.  That house will be in Sims 2.  I’ll add a link when that happens!

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