TS2- In Another Life: Moving In!

If you haven’t read part one of the In Another Life Challenge you can find it here.  Part one takes place in Sims 1 if you didn’t know already.  When we left the family they had decided to have another baby and wanted to move to a bigger house.  They move to Belladona Cove into a beautiful house I found on Mod The Sims called Love Cove.

The family in front of their new house.  I wanted Ginny to look like her parents so I ended up using mods to have them have her and aged her up to a child.  I couldn’t find any hair with sideburns on it for Xander and I didn’t want to sacrifice his beard for them so I guess he shaved them before the move!  Lyric on the other hand has grown her hair out.  I decided to keep it blue when I found a blue hair with a kinda pigtail coming out of the side.  I tried to keep their clothes the same colors as in Sims 1.
Gotta love ACR.  I know they moved to have another baby but sheesh!  I sent Ginny to school and while I was checking out the new house and deciding who’s bedroom was who’s Lyric and Xander hopped into bed!  I heard the jingle so they’re expecting a baby already.  I guess they were in a rush.
Ah hamburgers.  Yes there’s different food in Sims 2.  It doesn’t all look like meatloaf and green beans, hehe.  Lyric is telling Ginny that she can watch movies on the television!
After dinner Xander helps Ginny with her homework.
Then it’s off to work in his spiffy new truck.
Munchkin gets in a fight with one of the stray dogs that hang around outside of the house.  Luckily strays stay outside in Sims 2.  In Sims 1 they kept coming into the house.  One time Lyric couldn’t get out of the tub because a stray was laying outside of it blocking her way.
Xander was working on his charisma for work for hours and on his way up the stairs for bed the Social Bunny showed up!
The family is getting settled into their new house.  Playing video games and getting ready for the new baby.
A couple of things in Sims 2 that I wanted to point out: first there’s fears.  Lyric wants and also fears having a baby!  Second there’s attraction, Xander and Lyric have 3 lightning bolts.
 Poor thing, she just wants to sleep and now she’s in labor.
Whew I think she feels better now.  She gives birth to another girl Aimee.
Right after Aimee is born lightning hits one of the bushes outside and it catches fire.  Luckily the rain douses it.
I was looking outside at the rain and I noticed these two townies on the sidewalk.  They have different names but look almost identical.  Freaky.
Another thing only in Sims 2 is the changing table.  I love them.  They’re so realistic.
 Also, getting bottles out of the refrigerator instead of pulling them out of thin air.
Xander is still obsessed with wanting to meet aliens.
Lyric tucks in Ginny.  I think it’s so sweet when Sims autonomously do this.
Well that’s it for now.  Will Xander get abducted?  Find out next time… in another life.

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