TS2- In Another Life: Abduction and Private School

Chapter 9

I made the moving in chapter for this family and have been playing Sims 4 ever since then.  When I loaded up the family it was really weird seeing a dog there, lol.  Of course I had to have Lyric give Munchkin a belly rub!

Xander woke up with really low social so I had him chatting with Lyric when the darned social bunny showed up.  The baby started crying and the bunny went in there but I wasn’t quick enough to get a screenshot before it disappeared.
That night Xander was looking through his telescope like he does every night when something started pulling him up.
He loses his grip on the telescope and is beamed up into the spaceship where he was gone for several hours.
The spaceship returns and promptly tosses poor Xander to the ground.
Let me just say that the headmaster scenario is a pain in the butt.  On Saturday I had Xander call in sick from work, they cleaned the house, Lyric cooked a good meal and stored it in the fridge and I bought a bunch of high environment junk and spread it through the house to impress him… they called the headmaster and it scheduled his visit for Sunday!  Then, the headmaster got there and I cheated their relationship to 100 with him and couldn’t figure out how to give the tour.  While trying to figure it out Xander suddenly starts walking into the house, which was weird because I turned free will off.  He was going to age up the baby!  I accidentally clicked it off so the baby didn’t age up.  Finally I figured out how to give him the tour with Lyric.
After the tour Lyric goes to the fridge to get the meal she prepared when it pops up that Ginny was accepted to private school and the headmaster leaves.  Then I see Ginny waving her arms and I realize that I left her standing there with free will off the whole time!  *sigh*
I had to use Simblender to age up baby Aimee to a toddler.
The room gets a little redecorating and Xander starts potty training her.
The next day it snowed and I thought Munchkin looked hilarious trudging through it.
Lyric teaches Aimee to walk.
Teaching Aimee to walk brought Lyric into a platinum meter so I got a smartmilk machine.  Aimee was really tired so the only thing she learned was to use the potty chair.
Poor Xander.  His obsession with the telescope has finally caught up with him.  In the next chapter we’ll see if he has a boy or girl alien baby!

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