TS4- Asylum Challenge: Artist Turned Into Repairman and Maid

Chapter 1

I’ve been wanting to do an Asylum Challenge since I watched EnglishSimmer’s on Youtube.  I was going to wait until I was done with the Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge but I was bored so I decided to start this one up.  At first I tried searching for sims by using different hashtags like #insane and #asylum but one I saw really ticked me off saying the person had “bipolar disease” in the description.  Apparently I have a disease, who knew?  Sooo I ended up going into CAS and hitting random from gallery and keeping them if they had the insane trait.  Then I made my sim that I’ll be playing.  It took me forever to find an asylum that I liked.  Most of them were these big fancy mansions which was the opposite of what I was going for and would be expensive as heck to boot!  I’m doing the challenge on medium difficulty.  For the challenge rules by simswithcheese check out this forum post.
Top Security Asylum by Survivor_Fanatic
I had to take out a shower, toilet, bed and computer but other than that I left it as is.
This is the sim I’ll be playing, Sebastian Valle.  I stretched the rules a bit and made him a teen.  He didn’t agree with his parents rich lifestyle and just wanted to paint and play music and when he had an argument with his parents they had him put into the asylum so he would “learn his lesson” and act like a proper upper-class citizen.  Sebastian actually enjoys the freedom of living in the asylum away from his parents and has no plans to move back with them and take over the family business like they want him to when he gets out.
Starting from the left is Gary Roussel by C-sintille, Melanie Harper by Daisyhal12 and Cameron Gauge by jloganpryor…
…next we have Elissa Wild by Abi-Demina, Minnie Wan by charlii-mai, Quentin Bork by racergirl5454 and Alyssa Neon by marlib7.
None of the sims really had a backstory except that Melanie is a party addict but I doubt there’ll be any partys at the asylum so I guess she’ll have withdrawls or something, lol.  Cameron and Elissa have jobs in the criminal career.  I chose them because both of them had the Public Enemy aspiration.
Sebastian tries to get everyone to watch the cooking channel on tv with him so that they don’t set the asylum on fire.  It doesn’t work out very well.  I have no idea why Cameron comes in naked!  I guess he was skinny dipping???
Sebastian enjoys himself painting while the other patients mostly swim in the tiny pool and play chess.
Oops I missed some seating.  I’m only allowed 6 seats in the whole place so I had to remove these benches outside.
Then they move to the chess table seats… I’m going to assume they don’t count against my 6?  And Cameron is still naked!
Here’s where things went horribly wrong.  The dig sites just outside of the fence were taunting Sebastian so he went to dig them up.  Then he found more and more.  Next thing he knows it’s night time.  He gets back to the asylum to find that the toilet, shower and sink are broken!
There were several pee puddles on the floor, Sebastian made some food but passed out halfway through eating.  All the beds were taken and when he tried to sleep in a chair he kept waking up.  It took hours of passing out over and over before he finally managed to get a bed before someone else took it!
He woke up and fixed the shower but he had to pee so he used the toilet quick, he should have taken a shower because every time someone got out someone else got in.  The sink broke, again, and then the toilet.  He didn’t manage to paint or anything this day just repaired things, slept and cooked.  Wow what a challenge!
I have no idea what’s going on… he keeps changing into random clothes that aren’t his.  I’ve checked the CAS and it only shows the clothes I assigned when I made him.  Twice he’s worn robes when his sleepwear is pajama pants and bunny slippers.  I’ve played plenty of insane sims and although this was a feature in Sims 3 I’ve never seen it in Sims 4.  I’m wondering if it’s new or if it’s a bug?
Figured it out!  I got him as a bald no-name base male sim off the gallery, he was only in his underwear in every clothing option so I hadn’t even realized that the person who made him added 4 outfits for every category!  I kinda feel bad, they put a lot of work into him.
Speaking of work Elissa is the first sim to do anything helpful since Sebastian got to the asylum!
Quentin it’s great that you’re taking out the trash but must you be naked to do so?
Then he hogs the bathroom telling himself a story on the toilet!
Finally nothing is broken, nothing needs cleaned and there’s plenty of food in the fridge so nobody catches fire.  Sebastian escapes outside to paint and thinks maybe this place isn’t better than home after-all.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Asylum Challenge: Artist Turned Into Repairman and Maid

      1. Oh for sure it is. There are some scenes in my asylum challenge that I wish I could put on you tube. Hilarious, and screen shots just don’t it justice! I had a fun read!

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