TS4- Asylum Challenge: Bonus Traits

Chapter 2

 And they call the sims inside the asylum crazy?
Well, I guess when the only cleaning getting done is done naked.
Pleeeeease don’t get electrocuted!
Standing in a puddle of water repairing the fridge can’t be safe.
Poor guy.  He cooks, cleans and repairs all day then he doesn’t even get a bed!
I expected them to be much less.  He only had enough left to buy a better toilet.
Repair sink, mop up puddle, repair fridge, repeat.
The only time he talks to the other patients is when his social is really low or when he watches tv for fun.  He finds them all a nuisance.
He gets the elementals back from the geo council and gets enough aspiration points for savant.  He gets enough money from selling them to buy a better shower.
He unlocks the grilled cheese aspiration cuz why not?  He talks to everyone about grilled cheese and gets enough aspiration points for the morning sim trait.  Looks like they’re all eating grilled cheese for awhile.
Wow, first time I’ve had a sim fired in Sims 4.

I don’t think Allysa likes her new job very much.

So far, I’m finding this challenge kinda boring and tedious.  Especially after the skill-fest that was the end of the Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge.

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