TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 3: A Little Romance

Chapter 3

Caring for twins turns out to be tough work.  One of them always needs feeding or attention or a diaper change.  Lazlo barely sleeps.

After a lot of begging Lazlo orders Comet a lab set over the internet and Comet completes his childhood aspiration.

Wherever the boys are Lazlo is soon to follow.  He adores his kids.

It’s a relief when the day comes to age up the twins.  Although Lazlo knows there’s another one on the way soon.  He’s just hoping it’s just one this time.  He explains to them about the disguises and they seem happy to comply.

The twins have an early breakfast with their dad.

When their older brothers go to school and Lazlo lays down for a nap the twins sneak out to the park to play space explorer.  They don’t stay long for fear that their dad will wake up and realize they’re gone.

Lazlo begins to feel cooped up in the house and starts a little garden with produce he can cook with.  His cooking is not so good according to the kids.

He notices a fishing spot behind the house and thinks he might catch a fish to cook up for dinner.  But soon the baby is pressing on his badder and he has to return to the house.

Lazlo has a craving for potatoes.  Comet will be aging up to a teen soon and so he trusts him to watch over his brothers and sister.  He explains to Comet that he found the location of potatoes on the internet and asks him to take his siblings there to find some for him.

When they look at the garden the potato plant isn’t ready to be harvested so the children fish for a few hours.  It feels good to get out of the house.  When it gets dark and the plant still isn’t ready they all head home.

Lazlo is disappointed about not having potatoes for dinner but cooks up some of the fish that the children brought back instead.

In the middle of the night he’s woken by pains that he’s become all too familiar with.  He’s relieved that it’s not twins this time and greets his new daughter Celeste in a shower of sparkles.

He feeds the baby and heads outside to wait for the ship to pick him up.  It doesn’t take long.

Having the company of his kids has been great but Lazlo still feels lonely.  He knows he doesn’t have much time before his stomach starts to grow so he invites a girl he met at the park the first day Ashlee over while everyone’s asleep.  They’ve talked on the phone many times but this is the first time he sees her in person since they met.  They sit and talk for hours and become good friends.

After staying up most of the night talking to Ashlee, Lazlo drags himself out of bed to make a birthday cake for his eldest son Comet.  He can hardly believe that he’s the father of a teenager.

Shortly after Comet ages up Lazlo notices Ashlee walking outside.  He asks his son to take care of the baby and runs out to greet her.  He knows this is his last chance to lay down the romance before he starts to show.

He finally finds a use for the observatory on the roof.  He knows he can’t bring her into the house, she might see Celeste.  When Ashlee starts calling him after their time together he ignores all her calls.  His belly is swollen and he can’t let anyone see him like that.  For the first time since this all started he begins to feel like a slave to his duty.

Chapter 4

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