TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Amira’s Story

Chapter 1

Amira knew that her name meant princess.  She also felt that she was a princess in her own way.  She was the thirteenth heir of the Marx legacy.  That made her pretty special, at least in her own mind.  Someday this mansion would be hers and she would add her families’ pictures to the wall.  The painting was of the tenth generation heir Kaleigh and her daughter the eleventh generation heir Tierra.  It was Kaleigh who had this mansion built.  The small photo was of Tierra and her husband, they were her father’s parents, her grandparents which made her father the twelfth generation heir.  The bigger photos were of herself and her parents.  She wished that all of the heirs had photos or paintings but had been told that they were all destroyed.


Amira had the perfect life.  She had the perfect friends.  Who teased her constantly that thirteen was an unlucky number and that she was bound to be cursed.  They spent more time at the mansion than they did in their own homes.


Amira didn’t have a job, she didn’t see the point.  The family were millionaires and her time was better spent with her friends.


And her fiance Chandler.  He had the perfect genes for a legacy family and she couldn’t wait for after their wedding when they would give birth to the next Marx generation.


As they sat on the couch making out Chandler told her she was hot.  At first she thought he was complimenting her hotness and thanked him but he pulled her up off the couch and put his hand on her forehead saying no she’s burning up.  Just then she started having pains in her stomach.  Amira went to lay down in her bed and Chandler called her dad at work and he rushed home.


He woke her up asking her how she was feeling.  She told him that she felt terrible.


He took her temperature and tried to comfort her.  When he saw how high it was he became alarmed.


“Honey I don’t want to scare you but we need to call in a doctor.  Something is definitely wrong.”


Amira’s mother arrived just in time for the doctor to explain that his preliminary tests were inconclusive.  He needed to run some more tests but they won’t come cheap.  Irvin tells him to do whatever he needs to do, that money is no object.  He had no idea when he said this that the tests and treatments would quickly drain the families’ bank accounts.  They sold the mansion and moved to a much smaller house closer to the hospital.


Amira hated the new house.  She wanted the mansion back.  She was too weak to leave the bed most days and her parents became increasingly alarmed.  Irvin quit his job to take care of her.  Then one day the worst happened.  The doctor stopped by the house to explain to Irvin that he’d finally discovered what was wrong with Amira.  Unfortunately her illness was terminal.  Now that he knew what she had he was surprised she had made it this long.


Irvin was too heartbroken to tell Amira so her mother Harmony explained it to her.  To everyone’s surprise Amira didn’t seem upset that she was dying but that she hadn’t been able to continue the family legacy!  She kept muttering to herself that she really was cursed.  She also started begging her parents to take her back to the mansion, that she wanted to die there not this crappy little house!  They decided that it was the medications making her act this way and tried to comfort her the best they could.


After they had moved out of the mansion her friends had stopped visiting her but Chandler still did.  He was shocked when Amira told him she was dying.


One morning Irvin heard a thump come from Amira’s room.  It couldn’t be her he told himself, she was too weak to leave the bed on her own!  But it was.  It looked as if she had gone to her dresser and actually managed to change out of her pajamas before she collapsed.  He knew before he even checked her pulse that she was gone.


The parents planted a lilac bush by Amira’s grave.  She’d always liked purple.  Over the years the bush spread and overtook the grave so much that it wasn’t visible unless you really looked.  They stayed at the house for a couple of months but the memory of Amira’s death compounded by the amount of debt that her illness and Irvin’s not working forced them to move on.  They never had any more children.


Wherever Amira was supposed to go after death she didn’t go there.  She didn’t know why.  At first it was just darkness for what seemed like years.  One night she discovered that she could leave the darkness but once the sun started to rise she was pulled back in.  At first the house she hated so much was empty.  She guessed that her parents must have found some place nicer.  For all she knew they could be dead like her.  She didn’t know how long it had been since she’d died.  One night she left the darkness to haunt the house and there was a man there.  She wasn’t sure if he could see her or not so she made sure to stay out of his sight.  Now she was even more upset.  Not only was she stuck in this crappy little house but she had to share it with some strange man that stayed up late at night playing computer games!

Chapter 2

Chapter notes
 This challenge was created by CitizenErased14.  It is based on her SimLit story Dust 2 Dust.  For challenge rules and scoring check out her forum thread.
For more information on the Marx Legacy go here.  Amira is truly a descendant of that legacy which I played when Sims 4 first came out.  I aged up the 10th generation baby got her married and had her have a baby and so on and so forth until Amira who is the 13th generation heir.

The mansion that Kaleigh “had built” and Amira and her family live in at the beginning is Legacy House by nordling90.  The actual Marx legacy house was terrible.  It was one of the first houses I had ever built and despite having 10 generations there it was more like a shack.

There are no paintings or photos of the first 10 generations not because they were destroyed but because when I was playing the legacy there wasn’t a way to create a painting or photo.  I actually took several more pictures than the ones on the walls of each of the 11th and 12th generations… these photos all had a damned gnome in them!  I didn’t know about the gnome until after I had deleted the sims so I couldn’t re-take the pictures.  I was so upset I cried.  It took a lot of work for nothing.  Be warned of the gnomes!

I did not make note of the gallery creators of the sims shown in this chapter because they were only used for one or two pictures or to be the husband or wife of the heir to give birth to the next generation.

The house that snobby Amira hates so much is actually a beautiful modern house called Black Mamba Modern by Pavlaprova.  I had put this house in my rotation neighborhood but the sims that lived there erm died so I never got to play much in it.  I loved it so much I decided to put it in this save.

The new resident of the house is named Dante Holt, you’ll see more of him in the following chapters.  I also got him off the gallery.  He is Seth Jones by xChilXax.  I changed his name and a couple other things.

Amira’s traits are snob, music lover and outgoing and her aspiration is Successful Lineage.  You might have gotten the idea that it was mansion baron by the way she carried on but that’s her snobbishness from being so proud of her lineage and that her ancestors built that mansion.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Amira’s Story

  1. Ooh – fun start. I love the legacy gone wrong background. I can't wait to see how Amira handles the visitor and will she actually learn to love the house? How terrible to be forced to haunt a house you hate!


  2. I liked how the beginning was a sort of legacy gone wrong, and I liked how Amira seemed to have it all figured out in her opinion before the cruel reality crushed it all. It’s a very interesting start. I’m definitely going to start binging later today, after I get home from work!

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