TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 4: Daddy Issues

Chapter 4

Luna was so excited about having a sister to play with that she was right there waiting when Lazlo aged up Celeste.

Lazlo had published so many books that he bought some new furniture on the internet.  That little bar for 3 and 2 chairs to watch the tv on weren’t enough for his growing family.

One day Ashlee came around looking for Lazlo.  “You tell that good for nothing father of yours he’s never going to see his son!”  She screamed at Comet when he told her his dad wasn’t home.

When she left he went inside and told his dad what she said.

Lazlo was extremely sad.  It’s not that he didn’t want anything to do with this other baby… it’s just that he had to keep the secret of the parentage of his other children a secret.

Comet felt bad for his dad so he started hanging out by the garden after school waiting for the potato plant that had at one time seemed so important to Lazlo to be harvestable.

Lazlo was grateful for the potato.  He used it as a seed in his new garden which he had moved inside because he was afraid that Ashlee or someone else might see him.

He gave birth to another daughter and named her Galaxy.

No matter how many times this happened to him he had never gotten over the shock of being pulled up into the ship.

Orion is thrilled that there’s a new baby in the family but Celeste is angry, especially that it’s another girl.

Orion completed his aspiration the day before his teen birthday.  He’s glad he’ll never have to pick that violin up again!

Lazlo bakes a hamburger cake for Orion.

The only thing that Orion asks for for his birthday present is an easel.  He really enjoyed coloring as a child and thinks that he’d like to paint as well.

Galaxy ages up to a child and puts on her disguise as per her father’s instructions.  Finally Comet has someone to play chess with!

One day a little boy that introduces himself as Brian stops by the house looking for his dad.  Orion tells him that he’s traveling for business and isn’t home very often.  Despite this Brian knocks on the door daily looking for his dad, sometimes more than once in a day.

Chapter 5

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