TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Mixed Signals

Chapter 2

Dante Holt sat in the kitchen in his new house feeling pretty darn proud of himself.  He had gotten this gorgeous house for a steal.  Apparently about 30 years ago a girl had died in the house and the neighbors swore it was cursed.  The superstitious sims had forced the price way down and Dante took advantage.  Tomorrow he started his new career as a Tech Guru but tonight he was too excited to sleep.

After a stressful first day at work Dante didn’t feel like going home to an empty house so he went to the local library instead.  He was hoping to meet some new people but shortly after he arrived everyone left.

He still didn’t feel like going home yet but he was getting tired… most likely from staying up half the night.  So he went to the little cafe next to the library.

He met a couple of new sims but soon could barely keep his eyes open so he headed home to bed.

He had two days off of work and decided to explore the new neighborhood and look for collectables.  He was just about to start digging when he noticed a woman walking by.

He had been feeling pretty lonely so he ran over and introduced himself.  She said her name was Leigh Harley.  He shared his brilliant ideas with her.  She didn’t seem too interested.

Dante was really getting into the conversation with Leigh when a woman named Jaylah walked up and took over the conversation.  Shortly after that Leigh said she needed to head home and left.  Luckily he’d gotten her phone number before Jaylah showed up.

He made his own excuses to the nosy woman and headed back to the dig sites.

Shortly after returning home Nathan, one of the guys that he’d met at the coffee shop, called and invited him to the bar.  He hung out and met some more sims then headed home to bed.

One day he couldn’t concentrate on his programming work so he called Leigh up to see what she was doing.

She came over and they watched a movie.  As soon as the movie was over she said she needed to go and left.

Another day Dante got a promotion at work and Leigh called him to see if he wanted to get drinks to celebrate.  He decided to throw a few flirts into the conversation and soon after she said she needed to leave.  Again.  He was getting major mixed signals from this girl and was starting to feel confused.

He was surprised to find her outside of his house another night after he got home from work.  They chatted for a couple of minutes and then Dante said goodbye because he was exhausted and about to fall asleep just standing there.

The next night when he was more awake after work he called her and asked her on a date and she said no.  He was so embarrassed that he went to bed early.  After that he didn’t even bother.

Finally, Dante had another day off.  When he woke up he decided today was the day.  Either Leigh was going to be his girlfriend or he was going to start looking for another girl.  Her mixed signals were giving him whiplash.  But when she came over there weren’t any mixed signals at all.

She seemed thrilled when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Things got very steamy in the hot tub.

And even steamier in the sauna.  But as soon as they were finished she said she had to leave.  He decided that next time he saw her he was insisting that she move in with him!

Chapter 3
Chapter notes

Oh my gosh, that took forever!  Silly me decided it made for a better story if he met and fell in love with a townie and let things progress naturally.  If she rejected him or left before anything happened one more time I was going to find some girl off the gallery and plop her into the house.  That’s how frustrated I was!  

For anyone attempting this challenge, I would suggest that you find them a mate before they get a job. Also, don’t move the potential mate into the same neighborhood because every time that you call to invite them over “they’re already here!”  After he met Leigh I moved her into a house so that MC Command center wouldn’t do anything to her.

I threw in a pic of Amira watching him sleep just for fun and to remind everyone that she’s there!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Mixed Signals

  1. Oooh – that was tough! I'm glad it worked, sometimes those sims like to play hard to get. Letting the sims find their own spouse always sounds like a good idea, but gah – they do like to take their time to decide!


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