TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Shocker!

Chapter 3

Dante had been either working or too exhausted from work to do anything social.  So one night when Leigh called him up and he was feeling lonely he decided to meet her.  He wanted to invite her to live with him anyway.  But when he saw her he was shocked!  Not only was she pregnant, she was hugely pregnant!  He started counting back and began to worry that it wasn’t his baby.

He confronted Leigh for not telling him that she was pregnant when they were together and she laughed and told him the baby was his.  He decided to give her the benefit of the doubt for now but he’d be asking around town to see if she had been with someone else.  Instead of just asking her to move in with him he insisted.

Leigh happily moved her things into Dante’s house and spent the first night painting while he slept since the baby was too active for her to sleep.

She had an ice-cream cone hoping it would appease the baby then went off to bed for the last few hours of the night.

When Leigh was due to have the baby any day Dante decided that it didn’t matter to him if the baby wasn’t his or not because he loved Leigh and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  He surprised her by taking her to Von Haunte Estate for an impromptu night wedding for just the two of them.

They were both very excited about the upcoming birth.

Finally the day had arrived.  Leigh was in a lot of pain and Dante played the calm and cool dad-to-be.

Until she laid down on the operating table then he lost it completely!

He ran over and cuddled his son before Leigh could get to him.

Don’t worry Leigh.  You’ll have plenty of time with them.  Yes, them.  It turns out that Leigh was so huge so fast because she was carrying twins!  Edric and Elijah.

Chapter 4

Chapter notes:  
I seriously don’t know what happened.  In-game time they tried for baby about 6pm on Saturday.  He met up with Leigh about 8pm on Sunday and she was huge!  When she moved into the house that night her moodlet said she was in her 2nd trimester.  I seriously thought that Dante might not be the father and that MC Command Center might have gotten her pregnant without me realizing it.  But after the babies were born I checked and he is the father.  Some kind of weird game glitch I guess.  

I didn’t want to ruin the surprise on whether it was a girl or a boy but was shocked when it was twin boys.  As far as I can remember I’ve only had 2 other sets of twin boys ever in Sims 4.  Both were Goths in my neighborhood rotation.

I haven’t decided how to determine the heir now that there are two.  I was going to see which one Amira autonomously cuddled or played with but no matter how many times I stuck her in the room with them that night she would only go to them if they were crying.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Shocker!

  1. Twins! Haha! No wonder she was so huge. I'm glad the baby was his though, I really like how Dante looks so I hope it gets passed on to this generation. (Shallow, I know). I'm curious to see how you decide the heir…


  2. I remember the first time I had a sim get pregnant in Sims 4 she was soooo huge I was sure it must be more than one but it wasn't. I've had them barely show and others look cartoonishly big.


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