TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Ghosts and Grim

Chapter 4

Leigh stayed home with the twins the first few months after their birth but soon got bored and got a job as a painter putting them in daycare while she was at work.

The parents were surprised how quickly the years went by and soon the twins were children with their own interests.  Edric took after his father, he was a genius and loved spending time playing chess.  Elijah took after his mother, so creative, always working on an art project or playing the violin.

One night after everyone had gone to bed Edric was working on his chess moves so he could beat his dad when he had the strangest feeling that he was being watched.

He turned around and jumped out of his seat.  A ghost!

His fears melted away as she started talking to him.  She said it had been a very long time since she had anyone to talk to so she had decided to show herself to him since he seemed to be awake at night while everyone else slept.  She said her name is Amira.

They stayed up all night playing chess and chatting.  Edric really liked Amira and felt bad that she was a ghost.  When he asked her why she was here she said she didn’t know.

His parents started to worry when Edric started taking long naps every day after school.  But his grades were good and he said he felt fine so they let it go.

He even started to fall asleep one day when his mom was reading him and Elijah a book.

The twins were complete opposites and even though they got along fine their differing interests and Edric’s frequent naps meant they didn’t spend much time together.

On the weekend their parents took them to the park so that they could meet some friends.

The boys spent the entire day playing with their new friends.

Edric came home and passed out.  His parents were getting very worried about him and thinking about taking him to the doctor.

Edric, being an analytical mind, decided that there must be a reason that Amira had been turned into a ghost.  So he went to the home of the oldest sim in the neighborhood Cali and asked her roundabout questions regarding death and ghosts hoping she might know.

Despite hating children Cali humored Edric and tried to answer his strange questions the best  that she could.

Apparently, Edric fell asleep on the couch and Cali put him to bed in her room, not knowing who his parents were to contact them.  Carrying him must have been too much for her because she died.

When Edric saw the Grim Reaper he ran over and begged him to spare the life of his new friend.

Grim granted his request and Cali was brought back to life.

The questions about why Amira was a ghost were forgotten.  Edric had a bigger question on his mind now.  If Cali could be brought back to life could Amira as well?  He asked Grim and he replied that yes it is possible but no one had ever actually accomplished the task.  He would need to grow a death flower, the hermit in Granite Falls could tell him how.  He would need to find a rare angelfish and milk the essence of life from a cowplant.  He would then need to combine these ingredients into the food of the gods… ambrosia.  After telling Edric this he laughed and said no sim could accomplish such tasks in one lifetime.  When Edric asked where he could get an angelfish and cowplant Grim dissipated into a cloud of smoke.

Chapter 5
Chapter notes:
“Daycare” was putting the twins in the basement with Amira to care for them.  It was only one day in-game time.

 There were literally no other kids in the neighborhood.  The kids that the boys meet at the park are a household from the gallery called Adoption Kids by Laurenp198233.  There are 4 girls and 3 boys.

I had no idea that kids could even pass out.  Poor Edric.

At first I was really ticked that I left the UI up on this pic of Edric and Cali meeting but after looking I was glad because it proves that I didn’t cheat for her to die.  Edric went to her house first but it said she wasn’t home so I switched to hers to introduce them then switched back to Edric.  Her lifeline was in bubbles by then and she died the first night.  Yes, Edric was sleeping in her bed when she died!  LMAO.  I was prepared to take him to her house after school every day if I had to because she was the only elder in the neighborhood!


8 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Ghosts and Grim

  1. It'll be nice for him to have a head start on getting the death flower I think. Gardening skills take a long time and I've never even maxed the herbalism skill as far as I know. I have a feeling my sims are going to be reading a lot of skill books.It's super cool that his pleading for her life worked! That so rarely happens in my games and it made a perfect segue into how he can ask grim about raising ghosts.


  2. I did the living off the grid challenge, which is all gardening. I know she had to grow every plant type but I'm not sure if the death flower was in the game yet back then. The herbalism skill is grueling. So boring having him study those books all the time. I've actually completed the herbalism aspiration twice before but after looking at the tasks in it decided not to do it again because it would take way too much time out of his already hectic schedule.I was so excited when pleading worked because it fit the story so much better! I had no idea how I was going to make Edric think of bringing Amira back to life.


  3. I had it work once before this. The funny part is that he had just met the lady and really had no relationship with her so I guess relationship has nothing to do with Grim's decision.


  4. Yay, Grim! He’s so nice. And wow, Edric is pretty brave for just going to talk to Grim (nice or not, he’s still pretty creepy :D). The kids are really adorable. And the house looks really nice too!

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