TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 5: How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

Chapter 5

Lazlo reads to Galaxy and Celeste.  He loves spending time with his kids.

He gives birth to a boy and names him Zeke- he found the definition online, it means shooting star in Arabic.  He can’t help but feel relieved that now that the house is full he’s finished with his duty and can enjoy his remaining years with his children.

One day when he’s outside publishing a book his son Brian comes over in a temper.  Lazlo apologizes and says that from now on if he wants to visit just call first.

When Orion comes outside Brian freaks out because it’s Orion that has been telling him that his dad isn’t there every time he’s come to the door.

Ashlee finds out about Brian going to the house and comes to talk to Lazlo about it.  She starts flirting with him and he’s taken in by all the attention.

They whoohoo in the observatory again “for old times sake” and Lazlo immediately regrets the decision.

Comet has become the handy-man of the house.  He fixes everything that’s broken and also builds stuff on his woodworking table.

The twins age up to teens.

Zeke ages up to a child and assumes his disguise.

Rocket got gym equipment for his birthday.  He puts them on the roof since he loves the outdoors.

Luna loves the outdoors too and decides to spend as much time as possible fishing.

That night after everyone’s sleeping Rocket sneaks Zeke off to the park so he can play space explorer like he and Luna did when they were kids.

They meet their half-brother Brian and chat with him for a bit before sneaking back into the house.

The morning of Lazlo’s birthday he finds 5 potions on his dresser with a note:
Your nurturing potential is higher than expected!  We are very pleased.  Drink one potion every 20 years to extend your life.  You have been granted a reprieve as thanks for your service.  Once you have given birth you will have an extra day before you will be taken into the ship.  Happy birthday!

 Chapter 6

Chapter notes:  Surprise!  I’m playing with the “Those Pollination technicians are good at their job” handicap.  Which means Lazlo has to take the potion of youth 5 times and after each child becomes a young adult and moves out he has to have another baby to replace them.

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