TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Childhood Savant

Chapter 5

When Edric told Amira about everything that happened the night before she was skeptical.  Could they really trust the word of the Grim Reaper?  Especially when he didn’t tell Edric where to find an Angelfish or cowplant?

One day Edric’s friend Baylee texted him while he was at school wanting to play hooky.  He figured why not since he had an A already anyway.

There was nothing for kids to do at the club that they met at so they agreed to meet at the park nearby but Baylee never showed up.  He met another of the foster kids that she lived with named Lia there.

That night Edric invited Lia over for dinner and after dinner he asked his parents again if they could go to Granite Falls.  They refused saying maybe when they were teens and especially not while Edric was having such a hard time sleeping at night.

Leigh had her birthday…

…and then Dante.

Edric lost interest in chess and instead started to concentrate on playing keyboard commander on the computer.  Amira kept him company at night while he played.

During the days Elijah kept him company.  He was grateful to spend some time with his twin.

While at the park Elijah met a teen girl and slyly told her he would be a teen too soon.

Edric met and made friends with yet another of the foster kids Mack.

When Dante’s friend Nathan came over Edric hung out with them and made friends with him as well.

Another day Leigh’s friend Isis stopped by and Edric was all too eager to make friends with her too.

On the day before his teen birthday Edric played hooky with Lia this time.

That night it was Elijah that stayed up late.  He had gotten bored of the child’s violin but was intrigued by the piano on the deck that nobody played.

Edric, on the other hand, did something he hadn’t done since the night he’d met Amira.  He slept the whole night in his bed in preparation for the big day tomorrow.  Not only was it his and Elijah’s birthday but his parents had surprised them that they would be traveling to Granite Falls after their party in the morning!

Chapter 6

Chapter notes:
I didn’t realize until he had met some of the other girls that they all have the same side braid hairstyle!  So annoying.

Elijah completed the artistic prodigy aspiration and parts of the other 3 aspirations.  He’s almost to level 3 on the piano.

Edric completed nerd brain, rambunctious scamp and social butterfly.  He has charisma level 2, logic level 3 and video gaming level 4.  If you’re going for more than 1 aspiration like I did I highly recommend nerd brain first because playing keyboard commander builds video gaming skill.

Sorry this chapter is kinda boring.  I was very focused on getting Edric as many aspiration points as possible.  He now has the savant trait.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Childhood Savant

  1. Savent will be a very helpful trait for him to have!! Are you going to try to do this all in one generation? That would be very cool if it's possible!


  2. Savant is good, he's also got morning sim and night owl plus the skill gain from the Nerd Brain aspiration… kinda a spoiler there! No, I'm loving this challenge way too much to even attempt to complete it early. CitizenErased14 wrote the challenge well… with having to get to the top of a career and keep 2 best friends it would be next to impossible to finish in one generation. They'd have to max gardening, herbalism, fishing, handiness, cooking and gourmet cooking I think? I guess it might be possible but not much fun and a very boring story!


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