TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Jack of All Trades

Chapter 6

The twins age up to teens with all of their friends there to celebrate with them.

Edric insists to Elijah that they have to take a picture together.  Amira has stressed the importance of pictures to him on several occasions.

As promised, their parents take a vacation day so that they can visit Granite Falls.

Elijah and Leigh, both being creative, spend the afternoon picking out shapes in the clouds while Dante enjoys the fire and fresh air.

Edric sits in the cabin reading books until everyone goes to bed.

He follows the instructions that the Grim Reaper gave him when he was a child to find the hermit.

But when he finds him he thinks there must be some mistake!  This goofy looking guy is the wise hermit that he’s waited years to talk to?

Shrugging to himself he goes over and introduces himself.  He tells the hermit that a reliable source sent him to find him for a deathflower.  The hermit laughs and says it’s not that easy!  He explains to Edric how to grow a deathflower himself but warns that he’ll need to be a highly skilled gardener in order to succeed.

Edric is extremely upset after leaving the hermit.  He’s a scientist not a gardener!  He decides he might as well start learning to garden and picks up samples of any plants he sees on his way back to the cabin.

Elijah challenges him to a fishing contest when he gets back.  Elijah wins after catching 3 fish to Edric’s 2.


His parents are baffled when Edric insists that they need to stop to buy gardening supplies on the way home from Granite Falls.  As soon as they get home he starts planting and watering.

He gets a weekend job as a landscaper to get more experience gardening.  He’s proud of himself that he gets a promotion on his second day on the job.

His friends realize that if they want to spend time with Edric they have to meet him on his terms.  He’s so busy he never stops!  One night instead of working out at home he invites Lia to go with him to the gym.

Another day he meets Mack at the park and they play chess while they catch up on everything going on at the foster home.

Elijah and his friends gang up on him and insist he has some fun.  They all go out dancing.

Elijah uses the opportunity to spend some time with Alyssa, his childhood crush.

He makes an excuse to get her outside alone and puts the moves on her.

He ends the night with a girlfriend.

He goes to find Edric to tell him it’s time to leave and finds him sleeping… again.  Some things never change.

Chapter 7

Chapter notes:
I’m sorry there aren’t more pictures of the twins birthday party.  I guess I wasn’t paying much attention and forgot to hit tab for most of the pictures.

When I saw the hermit I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  He was wearing a sweater and swim shorts with no shoes!

Although I forgot (I’m getting so caught up in what everyone’s doing I really do forget) to take pics Elijah has switched to the guitar now that he’s a teen and is level 5.  His 2nd trait is a music lover and his aspiration is Musical Genius.  He didn’t get a job because there wasn’t a music-related one.

Edric’s main aspiration is Nerd Brain, his 2nd trait is active.  He’s also working on Freelance Botanist and Bodybuilder.  Since aging to teen he’s added Morning Sim, Night Owl, and Gym Rat to his bonus traits.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Jack of All Trades

  1. Haha, that hermit was priceless!He really is learning a bit of everything! Here's to hoping he can grow some gorgeous death flowers.


  2. I still can't believe how goofy that hermit looked. Usually they're in a woodsy outfit.Ugh the death flower. Yes, there was a purpose to this challenge. My advice: as soon as your heir gets high enough level in gardening that they can graft start working on the orchid, pomegranate and dragonfruit. The rule is that you can't grow the deathflower before level 10 herbalism and gardening, not that you can't be prepared.


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