TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Rocket Love

Chapter 8


The twin’s nineteenth birthday was finally here.  They were done with school and both got jobs right away.  Edric in the astronaut career and Elijah in the entertainer career.  Their good grades impressed their future bosses and they were set to start at a higher level than usual.

Nobody was surprised when Elijah proposed to Alyssa at the birthday party.

Edric and Lia took the rocketship up for it’s maiden voyage.  Nothing can beat a first whoohoo in space!

After the guests left Edric was back to studying.

Elijah knew he couldn’t compare to a rocket whoohoo for a first time but he sure tried.

He was so smitten after that he serenaded her on his guitar.  Alyssa thought he looked so cute in his little bunny slippers!

When Edric returned from his first day at work he was very tense and surprised to see Lia waiting there for him.  She told him she had to know how his day went.

They found a fun way to relieve his tension in the hot tub.

Amira spent most nights just hanging out wherever Edric was.  She was worried that when Lia moved in that she would have less time with him.  She was lonely in the darkness during the day and looked forward to the nights with Edric, even if he was usually preoccupied with something.

Dante and Leigh grew gray and a bit wrinkled but they were still very much in love.

Edric started making strange concoctions that everyone was afraid to try.

The day finally came for Elijah to marry Alyssa.

After the ceremony Edric proposed to Lia.

It had been awhile since Edric had seen his best friends Mack and Baylee.  He was shocked when they told him that not only had they eloped and moved into a house in the same neighborhood as Edric but that they were also expecting a baby!

The newlyweds shared the first slice of cake.

This was a day for surprises!  Dante and Leigh announced that they’d decided to retire and bought a cottage down the street from the house so that they could be close.  They felt that the house would be too crowded with Alyssa and Lia… and any future grandbabies.

Chapter 9 

Chapter notes:
For anyone thinking of trying this challenge, I discovered that if you get their herbalism skill up high enough that they can identify plants and brew herbal remedies it goes a lot faster than just reading the darned herbalism books.

It was such chaos trying to get pics for the wedding I ended up adding all the guests to the household and posing them for them.  What I forgot about was that I turned off free will and everyone all at once had to pee!  *sigh*

Dante retired at level 8 Tech Guru with his aspiration completed.  Leigh was level 7 painter with 2 masterpieces left to complete her aspiration.  I just didn’t see the point in having such a crowd in the house even though I don’t have plans for a little heir in the future yet unless risky woohoo does it for me.

If you noticed how disgustingly thin Edric is in this chapter I did too.  At first, I felt like it was cheating changing his body shape but he just looked so gross I had to do it.  When I changed Alyssa’s last name and put the wedding rings on them I also fattened Edric up a bit.  You’ll notice a difference in the next chapter.  I swear I was feeding him!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Rocket Love

  1. Ooh. So you're keeping both twins in the house. That should give for some ghost shenanigans. I've sadly already lost a point. Yesterday I was concentrating on Hank and forgot James was loose. They walked up the stairs together… Sigh. At least they didn't chat.


  2. I'm -5 points. 2 of them are in the bloopers and outtakes post I just finished. Both were fires, once I didn't know Leigh was awake and she walked into the room, I can't remember what one was but the last one was when Edric traveled to Sixam I wasn't expecting it and forgot that she was out. So far she's never interacted with a non-heir.Unfortunately with so many sims in the house Amira doesn't get to roam at night very often anymore. It seems like as soon as I teleport her out someone wakes up and I have to teleport her right back down there.


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