TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 7: An Anchor in the Storm

Chapter 7

One day after the kids got home from school Lazlo was showered, shaved and had his hair pulled back.  He told the teens to watch over their baby brother and just… left.

It was the first time in 21 years that Lazlo had left the house.  Not since his first day when he’d gone to the park to meet some people so he’d have someone to call when he got lonely.  Most of those people were elders now.

The redhead sitting next to him struck up a conversation.  At first Lazlo didn’t really want to talk to anybody but he soon found himself caught up in her bubbly personality.

“My name’s Ruby.  Yea a red head named Ruby, I don’t know what my parents were thinking!”

When the bar started to get crowded they moved to a table in the back so they could hear each other better.  Ruby told him that she had just turned 40 and that she’d moved to Oasis Springs after the death of her husband.  Lazlo lied and told her that he ran a foster home.  He was surprised to find that she’d read some of his books.

“I expected you to be a lot older.” She said, confused.
“I’m a lot older than I look, trust me.”  He replied lamely.

For the first time since Comet had left Lazlo was feeling happy and confident.  Ruby’s attention gave him the courage to try a few pick-up lines on her.  He was shocked when they worked.

He was starting to worry about the baby and told Ruby he had to leave.  He kissed her hand and got her phone number.

He gave her a long hug goodbye and thanked her for spending the night chatting with him.

When he got home he held his new son Cosmo for the first time since he’d been born.  He felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and for the first time in a long time he was actually looking forward to the future.

When it was Orion’s turn to age up Lazlo made him a cake this time.

He was sad to see his son leave but more prepared for the inevitable this time.

What he wasn’t expecting was to be whisked away into the space ship the moment Orion disappeared through the portal.

The next day Galaxy aged to a teen.  Lazlo spent a good amount of his time on the phone with Ruby.  She was his anchor in the craziness that was his life.

Chapter 8

Chapter notes:  When I was writing this chapter I messed up big time.  I wanted to be able to control Ruby so I added her to the house.  Then I wanted to change Lazlo’s beard and hair and stupidly went into create-a-sim.  For anyone that’s familiar with the fullhouse mod you are already facepalming I know it.  Yea so after they met at the bar I moved Ruby out and the next morning I was checking all the kids to see whose birthday was first… and realized that Orion was gone!!!  Like wiped out of the game!  I had already saved after I moved Ruby out and I freaked out!  Then I remembered that each save has like 4 backups in the save folder.  I found a save from before I added Ruby to the house and took the newer files out of the folder.  Thank goodness it worked!  Luckily Ruby was still in my library so I had to add her to the neighborhood again and this time she went to the Curious house and then I couldn’t get the relationship cheats to work!  Finally I remembered that in Sims 4 it’s testingcheats on not testingcheatsenabled true.  *sigh*   What a mess.  You might notice a few pics with Lazlo’s hair/beard different than the others.  This is because I forgot to change them after I recovered the old save.

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