TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: The Heir is Born

Chapter 12

It was a happy time in the Holt household.  Everyone was very excited about the new baby and taking bets on whether it would be a boy or a girl.

Edric wired a com-link from his rocketship to the home computer so that Rose could communicate with him when he was in space.

Now that the triplets were older Mack and Baylee started visiting more often… just never at the same time.

Lia held regular meetings of the Cosplay club.

Sometimes Rose acted excited about the baby and other times she was indifferent.  Lia just wanted it out of her!

Finally the day came and this time, knowing what to expect, Edric freaked out.

It’s a boy!  They named him Tristan.  Welcome to the world little heir!

Elijah showered his niece and nephew with attention.  Alyssa on the other hand avoided them, bitter that she couldn’t have a child of her own.

Rose was not happy at all that it was a brother.  She knew all the tricks that Cora’s brothers played on her.  She had hoped for a sister like her friend Cora.

She took her aggression out on her stuffed dino.  She yelled at him and punched him.

Her parents didn’t notice her temper tantrum regarding the baby.  They were still so happy to have him born they weren’t paying attention.

Edric introduced baby Tristan to Amira.

Elijah completed his lifetime aspiration and had sold several songs that he’d written.

Tristan turned out to be a much more demanding baby than Rose was.  When he wasn’t keeping one of the parents up at night he was keeping them busy during the day.  Lia started napping on Rose’s bed knowing that if she went to the couch he would only drag her back in with his crying.

Despite the wear of a newborn the parents made sure that they spent quality time with Rose so she wouldn’t feel left out.

With Edric either sleeping with his wife at night or taking care of the baby he gradually stopped spending time with Amira.  She became lonely and missed the nights that she had spent playing chess with him as a little boy.

Gen One Bloopers and Outtakes

Chapter notes: Not much to say this time around.  If you pay attention there are hints of things to come in this chapter.  Next is the Gen One Bloopers and Outtakes then Amira’s chapter so it’ll be a few before you get to meet Tristan.

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