TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Gen One Bloopers and Outtakes

I started taking pics of different funny things or things that just didn’t fit into the story but wasn’t sure what to do with them at first.  I ended up making a folder called bloopers and outtakes and it had so many pics in it that I decided to make one for each generation!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did…

On one of the first days at the house Dante caught on fire.  -1 point for having Amira in the same room as him, but it made a hilarious picture!

The twins at “daycare” with auntie Amira.

I have several shots of sims dressed in costumes ruining my screenshots… I later figured out it’s the Cosplay club that Lia later takes over.  They used to meet at the parks.

Like father like son.  Edric set the lab table on fire and everyone else was sleeping.  Unfortunately they all woke up and ran into the room.  Minus another point for me.

I was really ticked off that I left the UI up for this pic of the twins with Baylee so I saved it for this post.

Amira is angry 90% of the time and liked to go yell at the giant stuffed animals.

Just a pass-out shot of Edric.  He did that a lot.  I’m horrible.  I’d look at his energy bar and be like oh he’s still got 2 hours until he passes out he’s good.  LMAO!

Another shot that I forgot to take the UI down for.  It’s the twins teen birthday.  

Since I didn’t get the shot of Edric I didn’t use this one of Elijah either.

Their birthday party was the first time Mack did this.  He was the first to discover Amira’s hidden tombstone and would mourn almost every time he was at the house!

Darned Cosplay club messing up my screenshots again.

Elijah’s first kiss.

I felt bad for Amira so I put a yoga mat and meditation stool into the basement with her.  Which is why in a lot of the shots you’ll notice she’s wearing her workout clothes.  LOL

Just a random walk-by.  But I thought it was hilarious that Lori (Lia’s twin sister) was carrying a book.

Edric’s first kiss.

Mack and Baylee “eloping” after they aged to young adult at the foster home.

The twins aging to young adult.  I tried to get a shot of them blowing out the candles at the same time but it never seems to work out that way.

When Edric and Lia took their “rocket love” ride Baylee went and stood on the landing pad.  The rocket landed right on her!

Just a random birthday party shot that didn’t make it because I didn’t like it.

Ugh!  Edric would be in the other side of the house and I would tell him to read the herbalism book and he’d walk all the way into his parents bedroom to read it.  So poor Amira would be stuck in the basement since she can’t be in the same room as non-heirs.

Edric spent an entire day sitting on a bench reading the herbalism book waiting for this darned cherry tree to grow enough for a cutting!

I switched over to the Summer’s house so I could name the triplets.  I also switched over when they aged up to child to change their clothes.

Darned bear ruining my shots!  And what’s up with them all catching something at once?  LOL

Cora takes over from her dad mourning at the grave every time she comes over.

Yep, Edric was fishing… before the deathflower bush was grown.  Which in addition to having level 6 in handiness already disqualified him for the next step in the challenge.

I had no idea that wormhole generator meant that he’d go to Sixam!  I’ve never had a sim go there and was really excited but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fit it in the story.

The look on Edric’s face is hilarious.  They all play with that clay.  They carry it around the house and I’m constantly moving it back onto Rose’s dresser.  Also, ever since I put Rose’s bed there everyone passes the dining room table and sits on her bed to eat!

Lia energized boxing while pregnant with Tristan.  It was too funny not to take a shot.

Rose sitting on the landing pad doing her homework.  Don’t worry she finished before he returned.

Well, that’s it!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  

Chapter 13

7 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Gen One Bloopers and Outtakes

  1. Haha. Love these! Especially Amira with the fire extinguisher! So awesome!So…you know the ghost can be with sleeping non-heirs, right? It's just if they're awake.


  2. Glad you liked them. A little fun post before everything gets all messed up in the next several chapters.I did not know that they could be in the room with them when they're sleeping. I've actually subtracted points for it!


  3. You know, I've always found it endlessly entertaining but it's started to annoy me as well because for some reason you can't cancel out the interaction when they want to play with it.


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