TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Dark Side of My Shadow

Chapter 13
Find my sun,
 In the dark side of my shadow.
-Not Your Fault
by Awolnation


Chapter notes:  Whew this chapter was exhausting!  I tried to convey the best that I could without words what was happening.  I hope I did a decent job.  Welcome to generation 2 and meet the new heir Tristian Holt!
FYI: Amira was “in the darkness” for 4-5 years.  When his health declined so badly Edric remembered what the Grim Reaper told him about no sim ever being able to make ambrosia in one lifetime.  He decides to concentrate on his family and pass the next task on to one of his children.  When Amira meets Tristan he’s not surprised because his father has told him about her and he’s been waiting for her to show up.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Dark Side of My Shadow

  1. Awe – I'm glad she came out of her funk in time to meat Tristan! (PS what pretty Death Flowers I spy in the background! I've never actually made them in game!)


  2. I tried to get the death flower into the story without actually saying “yippie we grew the deathflower!”. Amira sees the death flower and goes to find Edric but he's sleeping. Since she met him, Edric has been Amira's life. It's hard for her to understand that he hasn't forgotten her. Especially since he never goes to her and says “hey trying to make the ambrosia almost killed me so I'm going to pass the next task on to one of my kids”. He makes that decision but never tells her, maybe because she secluded herself in the darkness? Anyway, she doesn't find out until she meets Tristan and he's expecting her. Whew that was a long reply, sorry!


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