TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: The Nice Kids Club

Chapter 15

The confrontation with Amira weighed heavily on Edric.  One day he just couldn’t hold it in and he shared his concerns about Rose with Lia.  She said it sounded like Tristan was blowing things out of proportion but if he wanted to talk to Rose about it go ahead.  Edric couldn’t tell her that it wasn’t Tristan that told her what was happening so he didn’t argue with her over it.

When Rose woke up he tried talking to her about treating her brother nicer.

When she blew up and started yelling at him he realized that everything Amira told him about Rose must be the truth.  He’d never seen this side of his daughter.

When Tristan came into the kitchen for breakfast Rose was waiting for him just like their dad had waited for her.  She told him he’d better keep his big mouth shut to their parents if he knows what’s good for him.  When he swore he didn’t say a word she didn’t believe him.

Tristan started going to the park instead of going home after school.  Two of the boys from his class were there and sat down on the bench with him asking what was wrong.

When he told them they were shocked that his sister was so mean.  Fernando said he had an older sister too and she was really nice.  Omari said that Tristan could hang out with them if he wanted to, strength in numbers and all.

They decided to start their own club and called it the nice kids club.

When Tristan saw his new cousin Ellie he invited her to join the club too.  Rose said she wasn’t a real cousin because she was adopted but he didn’t listen to her and thought Ellie was really nice.

Over the next few years Fernando and Omari became good friends to Tristan.  He learned that if they were around Rose avoided him.

So he invited them over to the house pretty much daily as a buffer against her meanness.

When Rose became a teen Tristan was hopeful that she would be too busy with high school and stuff to notice him.

He just might be right about that.

One weekend the club was meeting at the park when Fernando pointed at a girl a little younger than them and said that’s his half-sister Arabella.  Tristan sat on the bench with her and invited her to join their club.  She was really excited especially since she didn’t get to see her brother because they lived in different houses.

Tristan was happy to have one more friend to hang out with.

Another day after school they were at the park playing and Ellie asked Tristan what on earth his sister was doing?  Tristan had wondered why Rose acted all interested when he told his mom he was going to the park.

He was totally shocked when he found out her reason.  That was Cameron Summers she was kissing!  Gross!

Chapter 16

Chapter notes
Elijah adopted Ellie after I finished writing the last chapter.  Isn’t she adorable?  

Fernando, Omari, and Arabella were all born in-game thanks to MC Command Center.  I did go ahead and change the boy’s ages because they were close to aging to teens.  Fernando and Arabella are the kids of one of Lia’s foster brothers.  Arabella’s mom was her foster mother.  Yuck, she had a kid with her foster son!  Although it is pretty cool to go in their genetics and see all these relationships.  Omari has a family too but I didn’t write it down and forget now who he’s related to… nobody that’s been in any of the chapters.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: The Nice Kids Club

  1. Nice kids club! I love it. I assume he got his own bedroom as well? Looks like things with Rose are looking if not up, more manageable, especially now that he has blackmail!


  2. LOL It was called the Nice Kids Club until they aged to young adult! It's called Just Us now. Yes, he got his own room, Elijah's old room with a few toys thrown in. You can see it in the pic of him with Fernando and Omari sitting in black chairs. My lips are sealed on Rose.


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