TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Too Far

Chapter 16

Rose had Cameron over at the house almost every day.

And snuck out with him at night too.  Which meant Tristan didn’t get so see Amira very much because his sister was awake at night.

He still invited friends over most days though.  He just didn’t go around kissing them and stuff!

His cousin Ellie was a frequent visitor.

One day when Fernando was over Rose came in and started making fun of them.  Fernando got mad and left.

After that Tristan started going to the park with his friends after school instead of inviting them to the house.

But one day Rose pushed him too far… literally.

For the first time instead of getting sad when his sister was mean he got mad.  Real mad.  He told her if she didn’t leave him alone he’d tell their parents what she’s been up to at night with Cameron.

Apparently hearing the yelling, their mom came in asking what was going on.

Rose screamed that she couldn’t wait to be old enough to get out of this house and away from Tristan then stormed out.

To his dismay instead of going after Rose and grounding her for yelling at her his mom rounded on him asking him what he did to his sister!

Tristan was so mad he stormed out of the house and down the street to the little park he went to sometimes with his dad.  He sat there getting angrier and angrier.

He tried calling his friends but everyone was busy so he did the only thing he could think of to do to calm himself down.  He started to fish.

Chapter 17

Chapter notes:  
Seriously?  I had a terrible time trying to think of what to do with this chapter.  I had just random screenshots that I’d taken over about a week in-game time but nothing to tie them together.  Tristan was about to age up to teen and I didn’t want to have half the chapter him as a child and half him as a teen.  So when I took the shot of Rose pushing him I thought hmm what if now that he’s older he reacts differently?  So that’s how it all happened.  Lia was driving me nuts coming into the room over and over to watch tv when I was trying to take the shots of the kids without them sitting on the darned couch so I thought how would she react?  Sorry, but in my opinion, Lia’s a bit dense.  She’s very nice but doesn’t see what’s going on around her and Edric is always at work.  (He’s level 9 of the astronaut career btw)

Tristan has 5 good friends including his cousin Ellie and not counting Amira.  He completed the Whiz Kid aspiration and is level 3 in fishing.  I’m so not looking forward to skilling up his handiness after he ages up.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Too Far

  1. Haha! I end up with this problem all the time. Sometimes it works out great (like your chapter did) other times I find mine are just meh. Another great chapter! And woot for Tristen almost becoming a teen!


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