TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Vindicated

Chapter 19

Tristan still struggled with depression but every day seemed to be easier to handle.

After he started dating Skyla his friends paired up as well.  Club gatherings were a bit different after that.

The group still spent all their time together.

There was just a bit more kissing involved.

Tristan’s dad kept harping at him that he needed to plan for the future.  He knew that future would include Skyla so even though they were still teens he asked her to marry him when they got older.

Of course, being his best friend, Amira was the first person he told about being engaged.

Then he had to tell his parents.  They weren’t happy.  His dad did defend him though saying at least Tristan had gotten engaged and not run off like Rose did.  Which gave Tristan the perfect opening.  He had seen Rose recently and he was sure that his parents would be surprised when they found out what he saw.  Sure it was an underhanded way of getting the attention off of himself but he felt justified this time.

He told them that when he saw her last that she was at least 3 months pregnant.  He didn’t note to them that she looked completely miserable too.

At first, Lia didn’t want to believe that her daughter wouldn’t at least call to tell her that she was having their grandchild.  But sure enough, one day Rose walked right by the house in all her pregnant glory!  Lia was furious.

Tristan was surprised when she sat down next to him while he was reading one day and apologized for giving him such a hard time.

The club still had regular meetings.  Even when the club wasn’t meeting Tristan was hanging out with one of his friends.

Fernando was the first to have his 18th birthday.

By then Camdyn Summers and his girlfriend Elsie were part of their group as well.  Tristan liked Camdyn.  He used to defend him against Rose when they were kids.  He’d called Tristan out of the blue and asked if he and Elsie could join the club.  Tristan figured the more the merrier.

Then it was Tristan’s turn for a birthday party.

There was quite a crowd there between all of his friends and family.  But he only had eyes for his Skyla.  Very soon he’d be marrying that girl.

Chapter 20

Chapter notes:
Rose and Cameron had a little boy that they named Bryce.  

Camdyn really did call Tristan and ask into the club.  When I saw them at Fernando’s party together I decided to get them together.  Elsie was actually one of the girls I had thought of setting Tristan up with but I didn’t like her traits.  

I just spent almost 2 hours aging up all of Tristan’s friends, getting them married and moved in together and fixing their formal wear so they don’t look goofy at the wedding.  I took some screenshots for the outtakes post. 

Just in case you were wondering why I rushed things so much!  It’s what he wanted. 

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