TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Third Generation Holt

Chapter 21

After returning home from the wedding Tristan asked Skyla if they could try for a baby.  She was thrilled.

It wasn’t long before she shared the big news, they were expecting!

While the club was meeting at the park Tristan met his nephew Bryce.

He was happy to welcome him to the family.

Edric and Lia didn’t seem to notice that they had gone grey and that they were grandparents.  They were always kissing and sneaking off to be alone together.

As Skyla’s belly got bigger they went out less but they always had visitors.

Tristan snuck in a late night fishing trip here and there.  One night Fernando joined him.

In what seemed like no time at all Skyla looked ready to pop!  Tristan couldn’t wait to meet his son.

It really took it’s toll on her in those last days.

Tristan thought she looked more beautiful than ever.

She did have a strange craving for grilled cheese.

When it was almost time for Skyla to go into labor Tristan couldn’t sleep so he started upgrading all of the appliances.

The night finally came and they were nervous and excited about the new baby.

Well, maybe Tristan was a little more nervous than she was.

But all that melted away when he saw his newborn son.

They named him Kristof.

Lia was very excited.

Edric didn’t even bother changing out of his work clothes when he got home.  He headed straight to the bedroom and cuddled his little grandson.  Welcome to the world little Kristof.  Our third generation has been born.

Chapter 22

Chapter notes:
It’s not that I’m in a hurry to finish the challenge.  I just wanted that nooboo!  It was funny, they got to the hospital and suddenly I was like ohmygosh I don’t have a name!  I looked at my list of boy names and nothing clicked.  I ended up searching through names online while the game was paused.  After Edric and Tristan, he had to have a unique name.

The club actually met twice during Skyla’s pregnancy but for some reason, I didn’t take any pics of them meeting other than the ones of Bryce.

Tristan is in the Secret Agent career and Skyla is in the Tech Guru.  Her aspiration is Grilled Cheese!  I was so surprised!  So she’s a foodie that eats only one thing.

Tristan is level 9 fishing and level 8 handiness.  I could have easily finished the challenge with him doing 2 tasks but what’s the fun in that right?

5 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Third Generation Holt

  1. Did your grilled cheese aspiration work? I had one come into the family, and she could eat grilled cheese for the points but not talk about them. I figured it was because mc command center had unlocked it and not the normal way. I finally just changed the sim”s aspiration.


  2. It was weird, there's two different levels of the aspiration requiring them to talk about grilled cheese. The first time she had the option, the second time she didn't. I ended up using a cheat to complete that part of her aspiration. But even if she did somehow see Grim she still can't talk about grilled cheese so she'll never complete the aspiration. Too bad, she would have been my first.


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