TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Gen Two Bloopers and Outtakes

I don’t think there’s many bloopers in this one but quite a few outtakes…

Elijah adopting Ellie.

Edric aging to adult.

Rose and Cameron stargazing.

Omari crying over Amira’s grave.  Between him, Mack and Cora she brought a lot of tears.

I forgot to disable need decay on Amira.  When I teleported her upstairs to get something to eat she was swimming through the floor!

Rose’s teen birthday.

Rose and Cameron’s first flirt/kiss.

Tristan’s teen birthday.

One of the many fishing shots that I didn’t use but I’ve been reminded on how hard it is to get a shot of the sim actually catching the fish so I didn’t delete it.

The club fishing the day they all aged to teens.

Tristan took after his dad and went into his parents room to study his handiness book at night.

I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t want to use it for the story but thought it would be cool to have a shot of all of them dancing together.

 Rose aging to young adult.

 Proposing and eloping with Cameron.

 Tristan and Skyla’s first kiss.  No clue why they had to walk outside to kiss.

 Their first whoohoo after he proposed.  LOL

 Omari proposing to and marrying Arabella.

 Fernando proposing to and marrying Ellie.

And finally Camdyn proposing to Elsie.  I didn’t get a shot of them getting married because his mom stood right between them the whole time!  I guess that would have made for a funny shot now that I think about it.  Notice that the 3 bassinets are still there.  The one behind them has baby Bryce.

I moved Skyla in the day of their birthdays so that I could do the wedding so here’s her aging to young adult.

I guess Edric couldn’t resist that cake.  Ironic.  Damn I’m going to miss him.

I left the UI up on purpose to show the angelfish.  I had my finger on the pause button hoping to take a shot of him catching it but he was too quick for me.

Camdyn walked over and started crying when Edric died.  The whole situation was so sad I had to take a picture before I made him go away and moved the tombstone for the shot of Tristan milking the cowplant.

I’m sorry there aren’t as many funny shots this time around.  I’m still mourning Edric right now.  But hey you get to meet Kristof in the next chapter so that’s something to be happy about!

Chapter 23

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