TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: The Race Against Time

Chapter 22

All of Tristan and Skyla’s friends came to see baby Kristof.  They were all excited, especially since they were all having babies themselves.

When everyone else left the room Arabella stayed behind to whisper to the baby that she was going to have two little girls, maybe he’d like one of them.

While everyone slept Amira cared for little Kristof.  Everyone but Edric and Tristan thought it was incredible that the baby slept through the night every night.

While Tristan and Skyla were at work grandma Lia cared for him.

Which as she aged became quite the chore.

Tristan worked tirelessly on increasing his handiness so that he could, hopefully, catch the rare angelfish in the hidden cave.

The day finally came and he was hopeful that this was it.  He didn’t have much extra time to dedicate to fishing between work and family.

He caught one rare fish after another… but no angelfish.  He started going to the cave after work every day to try to find it to no avail.

He went back to the pond where the fisher woman had first told him about the hidden cave hoping she would be there and would know of another place to look.  But she wasn’t there.  Out of desperation he asked the old man that was fishing there instead and he laughed and said the only place he had heard of was the legend of the tree.  He told him where the tree was and said that legend says that it will open if you do the right thing and inside is a magical fishing spot.

Tristan was exhausted but he knew he needed to find that fish so he went where the old man told him and stared at the tree for a while trying to figure out what he should do.  He felt pretty silly standing there staring at a tree.

So he started talking to it.  He tried saying words that he thought might be passwords.  Then he started complementing it on it’s roots and leaves.

He wasn’t sure exactly what it was that he said that worked but an opening appeared in the tree and he hesitantly went inside.

The place certainly was as magical as the old man said.  He fished for several hours and finally caught the elusive angelfish!

He was just showing the fish to his father when they heard a noise in the next room.

Running in they found his mother had passed away.  To make matters worse Grim made a snide comment to Edric that his time was coming quick and if he wanted to follow through with his plan he didn’t have much time.  Tristan had no idea what he was talking about and was so distraught over his mother’s death he forgot to ask.

After Lia’s death Edric planted the seed he had been saving for many years.

It grew into a monstrosity.  Grim was right, his time was short.  He could feel it.

He brought Tristan out to the garden and explained his plan to him.  There were 3 ingredients to the ambrosia and they were missing the essence of life.  His life was coming to an end and he loved Amira and his family very much.  He wanted to see her happy but he didn’t want anyone else in his family to have to sacrifice themselves for the essence.

Tristan was horrified when his father calmly walked up to the creature and allowed it to swallow him whole!

Grim appeared and instructed him on how to extract the essence of life.

Gen Two Bloopers and Outtakes

Chapter notes
Ra3rei recently asked what was the worst thing you’ve done to a sim for the sake of a story.  I had a different answer then but today I have to say it was this.  I’m bawling my eyes out right now.  

All of this really was a race against time.  Tristan had level 9 fishing and 8 handiness when I got the notification that it was almost Lia and Edric’s time.  Edric grew the cowplant but the angelfish must be caught first.  Tristan worked tirelessly on increasing his skills in order to go to the secret locations.  Then he couldn’t catch the angelfish!  He had caught 2 before and sold them as required by the challenge rules.  The day before he caught it I got a second notification to get Lia and Edric’s affairs in order.  I panicked and had Tristan take a vacation day from work and he finally caught the darned fish.

The pics with Lia and Edric sick were just coincidence.  Everyone in the family kept getting sick so I rolled with it.

Arabella and Omari had twin girls that they named Micaela and Marlene.  Ellie and Fernando had a boy that they named Karl.  Camdyn and Elsie had a boy as well named Parker.  I timed all of this poorly and Kristof aged up before the angelfish was caught.  The poor kid has gotten no attention from me because I had to have Tristan fishing for days to catch that angelfish!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: The Race Against Time

  1. Haha! (oops it's not right to laugh at another's pain). I'm glad it worked out, but gah the stress of those popups are just terrible. I've had it happen a couple times with careers, but nothing as big as an entire challenge riding on it! I'm glad it worked out in the end!


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