TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Big Brother!

Chapter 24

Tristan was very nervous about telling Kristof about the baby.  Surprisingly his only question was where would they put the baby’s bed.  He told him not to worry, that the baby would have it’s own bedroom.

After school Kristof bragged to all his friends about being a big brother soon.

He stayed up late that night so he could see Amira and tell her the big news too.

Tristan just couldn’t stomach the idea of cleaning out his parent’s old room and so he and Skyla moved their things in and made their old room into the nursery.  This room was the biggest in the house anyway.

Kristof informed his mom that when he got bigger he was going to learn how to cook so they could eat something other than grilled cheese.  She didn’t understand why… grilled cheese is the best!

When he felt her belly the baby moved.  He couldn’t wait.  His parents told him it wouldn’t be long.

They took time off of work waiting for the baby to be born…

…and sure enough Skyla went into labor right there in the park!

Tristan was less panicked this time around.

Especially when he got to hold his new son.

They named him Vaughn.

Kristof was thrilled that it was a brother.

He asked his parents why was he so small?  When would he be bigger?  When can he play with me?

They were just relieved that Kristof was taking it so well.

Chapter 25

Chapter notes:
I lied.  Kristof was angry about a new sibling.  LOL  But it didn’t work with the story so I found some poses that made him seem excited.

I wasn’t sure about the name Vaughn at first but the name Vaughn Holt just has a nice ring to it.

4 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Big Brother!

  1. So, I take it not another Rose – at least not in the story. 😀 I have to agree with Kristof – grilled cheese is great and all – but sometimes it's good to have something different.


  2. Yea when he got angry over seeing Vaughn I was just like naw this doesn't work for me, lol. I cheated his emotion to happy and found some kind of excited pose to put into pose player.They literally ate nothing but grilled cheese until Kristof started cooking the day he aged to teen.


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