TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Life Moves On

Chapter 23

The night of Edric’s death Amira and Tristan sat staring at the glass containing the essence of life.  They didn’t speak.  There were no words to describe the shock and pain they were going through.

Amira tried to comfort Tristan the best that she could but she felt solely responsible for Edric’s death.

Tristan would spend long hours in his parents bedroom.  It felt like at any moment one of them would walk through that door.

The garden began to wilt without his father’s constant care.

Even though he’d already found the elusive angelfish he found solace in fishing.  As soon as Kristof was old enough to hold a pole he started tagging along.

All of his friends surrounded him with support.  Truly they were all mourning.  Omari, Arabella and Fernando’s parents had died when they were teens.  Uncle Elijah, Ellie’s dad, died a few days after his twin.  Camdyn’s mom Baylee had passed away as well.

Tristan and Skyla both loved the outdoors… and their friends so they met up with them all when they weren’t working.

Which meant of course that Kristof was surrounded by his own friends.  Since his dad had a club with his friends Kristof and the other kids started their own club.

The blonde with glasses is Parker, black hair in orange shirt is Karl, the girl with braids is Marlene and you can’t really see Micaela on the monkey bars.

 (The family visiting the Boles house.)

Kristof grew up with Amira taking care of him and playing with him at night.  His dad told him she was a secret.  He liked having a secret best friend.

Rose gave in and let Bryce hang out with Kristof.

He liked his cousin.

Life had a way of moving on even if you didn’t feel ready for it.  But one thing that never changed was Skyla and Tristan’s love for each other.

Skyla loved being a mom.  She always helped Kristof with his homework.

Still she was a little shocked when she realized that she was pregnant again!

As soon as Tristan got home from work she ran out to tell him.  He was very excited.

Chapter 24

Chapter notes:
I apologize for this chapter being so all over the place.  I really didn’t have much of a story in mind and just played and took screenshots.  Then I had to try to re-order them into some semblance of a story.

Truly Tristan was fishing because he needed one fish to complete his Angling Ace aspiration, which he did.  He also completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Even though there’s a nooboo on the way I am dreading redecorating Edric’s bedroom.  I wish I could just leave it the way it is but that seems kinda silly for a baby/child room.  *sigh*

Tristan got this whim shortly after his dad’s death, after I locked it in his mood changed back to sad and it took 2 days before he wasn’t sad anymore and they could try for baby.  I didn’t have her take a pregnancy test because I wanted to draw it out a little longer.  The picture I took of her holding her belly was totally random but I did get a shot of her discovering she was pregnant for the bloopers and outtakes chapter.

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